June 25, 2020

Master in Visual Arts

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

The Post Collective workshop, A Landscape of Questions. 

The Master in Visual Arts program at Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp announces two new Master trajectories:

Masterproject in Art, Design and Image in a technological context is a breeding ground for new ideas and projects in the field of art, design, and physical computing. It looks at technology not just as a creative tool, but as an entirely different medium with its particular guidelines for design and storytelling.

Using a combination of in-depth coaching, workshops, and lectures, we'll learn the methodologies, tools, and techniques to create work in digital media, data art, and creative AI. Together with your fellow students, you'll learn enough coding to be dangerous, using a no-student-left-behind approach. Finally, your master project allows you to explore your interests in this critical medium. For more information, contact frederik.debleser [​at​]

Masterproject in Art, Design and Image in a socio-political context invites you to explore art and design in the social and political sphere. How can you, as an artist or designer, actively relate to themes such as for instance the climate crisis, decolonizing practices, solidarity, queer cultures, the commons? How can you use your work to make us think about our social and political contexts, to inspire or transform them?

You will develop a master project tailored to your personal interests and needs. You will do this through intensive introductions to relevant professional contexts, practices and methodologies (in relation to i.a. social design, socially engaged art, participatory practices, artivism) Together with your student peers, you will enter a horizontal learning environment where you invest together in a practice in which process and methodology are as important as the artistic and aesthetic questions. For more information, contact robin.vanbesien [​at​]

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