June 4, 2020

Graduate Degree Exhibition of Cranbrook Academy of Art

Cranbrook Academy of Art

Karen Lee, Untitled (Macaroni for Every Being), 2020. Collaboration with Brett Evans, 56 x 56 x 21.5, wood, ceramic.

For the first time in its history, Cranbrook Academy of Art is hosting its Graduate Degree Exhibition of Cranbrook Academy of Art in a virtual environment. The Academy announced today that it is launching a new website dedicated to the graduating Class of 2020.

The new site features a page dedicated to each student and a gallery of their work. There is also contact information allowing others to reach out to the graduates for commissions, exhibitions, job opportunities, sales, and more.

“Placing the exhibition online due to the COVID-19 outbreak was necessary this year, although we still hope to give this group of students a chance to display their work in a physical space in the summer of 2021,” said Susan R. Ewing, the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Director of Cranbrook Academy of Art. “This is an incredibly talented group of students, and it was critical for us to find a way to showcase their work to the world.”

There are 63 students featured on the site from 10 of the Academy’s 11 departments: 2D Design, 3D Design, Architecture, Ceramics, Fiber, Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, Print Media, and Sculpture. Our new 4D Design department will have its first group of graduates in May of 2021.

The site will remain up until May of 2021, when the Academy plans to replace it with the Class of 2021. Visit the site here.

Participating Artists, Architects, and Designers, include:

Simon Anton / Joong Han Bae / Peng-Chih Chu / Dee Clements / Benjamin Cook / Tess Cooper / Madelaine Corbin / Caroline Del Giudice / Minyuan Dong / Brett Evans / Elizabeth Ewing / Laura D. Gibson / Kaysi Grimes / Britt Gudas / Xiaojun Huang / Anke Huyben / Ray Im / Ish Ishmael / Trevor Jahner / Kyle Joseph / Sam Keller / Andie Labgold / Wes Larsen / Yuri Lawrence / Karen Lee / Lauren Levato Coyne / Naama Levit / Jun Li / Xueqi Li / GE Liu / Katie Jiaxin Liu / Lorenzo Lorenzetti / Violet Luczak / Erik Magnuson / Isabella Maroon / Ciaran McQuiston / Henry Newell / Cody Norman / Lucille Olechowski / Monique Oliver / Dominic Palarchio / Ha Joung Park / Yena Park / Xinyi Ren / Joel Saavedra / Hilla Shapira / Ke Shi / Rebecca Smith / Emily Stark / Taylor Stewart / Josh Storer / Antonia Stoyanovich / Mingdong Sun / Rebekah Sweda / Sarah Thomas / Natalie Wadlington / Aobo Wang / Zhaozhao Wang / Thomas Wang / Luke Warren / Jiadai Wu / Hanxiao Zhang / Da Zhang

About Cranbrook Academy of Art
Cranbrook Academy of Art is one of the country’s top-ranked, graduate-only programs in architecture, design, and fine art. Each year, just 75 students are invited to study and live on our landmark Saarinen-designed campus, which features private studios, state-of-the-art workshops, a renowned Art Museum, and 300 acres of forests, lakes, and streams, all a short drive from the art, design, and music scene of Detroit. The focus at Cranbrook is on studio practice in one of 11 disciplines: Architecture, 2D, 3D, and 4D Design, Ceramics, Fiber, Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, Print Media, and Sculpture. The program is anchored by celebrated Artists- and Designers-in-Residence, one for each discipline, all of whom live and practice on campus alongside our students. For more information, visit us at

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