February 28, 2020

Citizen Animalia

Glass Curtain Gallery at Columbia College Chicago

Jo-Anne MacArthur, Guide Plays With Stingray At Stingray City, Cayman Islands, 2007. Digital photograph. 

Curated by Mark Porter

In 1735 Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus invented a system of biological classification known as Taxonomy. Within it exists Kingdom Animalia, comprised of ten million species, everything on planet Earth that either swims, walks, or flies including elephants, mosquitos, goldfish, snakes, cows, pigs, and us, humans. With equal parts humor, hope, and despair the artwork of Citizen Animalia calls us to re-examine the complex relationship between us humans and our fellow members of Kingdom Animalia.

Participating artists: Rene Arceo, Brandon Ballengée, Mizraim Cárdenas, Sue Coe, Whit Deschner/The Great Salt Lick, Mark Dion, Nicholas Galanin, Roie Galitz, Laurel Roth Hope, Jenny Kenndler and Brian Kirkbride, Sonia Levy, Ricardo Linares, Norman W. Long, Raúl López-Reyes, Jo-Anne MacArthur, Peggy MacNamara, Dolores Mercado, and Alexis Rockman

Exhibition contact: Mark Porter, mporter [​at​]
Gallery hours: Monday–Wednesday and Friday 9am–5pm, Thursday 9am–7pm

Citizen Animalia would not be possible without The Illinois Arts Council, Galerie St. Etienne, We Animals, Ronald Feldman Fine Art, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, Catharine Clark Gallery, The National Museum of Mexican Art, and Arceo Press.

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