March 12, 2020

Call for applications 2020/21: Work.Master Visual Arts MA Program, Contemporary Artistic Practices

Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD)

Vaginal Davis, 2020.

Join us for: explosive thoughts, cosmic expansiveness of vision, psychedelic retinal overload, momentary escapes, generous propositions, elegiac monuments, pataphysical undertakings, inspiring adventures, participative pedagogy, cybernetic serendipity, politics and poetics of feminist transgression, queer guerrillas, radical imagination, formulating counterproposals, negotiating the duality of the concept and the physical, sharing conceptual tools, alter-pedagogical experiments, finding sources of empowerment, moving beyond the walls of the institution, decentring practices, esoteric secrecy, surprising solutions in navigating through the art world, emphasising people and stories from the so-called periphery, unorthodox discussions, seeking extensions of the conditions of life, vibrant matter, complex strategies, prolific magic, satisfying engagements.

The Work.Master program—part of HEAD – Genève’s Visual Arts Department—is an international bilingual (French and English) two-year MFA programme devoted to multi-disciplinary studio-based contemporary artistic practices. The Work.Master provides an open framework wherein a network of students, together with a group of continuously changing guest artists and professors, work on diverse collaborative projects. In this environment self-organisation is highly stimulated and supported, forming a heterogeneous and vital incubator for the development of emergent artistic strategies and projects.

The latest projects at Work.Master: Intimate exploration of doing-by-doing with the Queen of the Freakazoids, Vaginal Davis and film producer Olga Rozenblum / L’Autunno, a performance with Anthea Hamilton at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo / A collective performance during the closing days of Mai-Thu Perret’s exhibition The Blazing World at Spike Island in Bristol / Event inventing and filming and a corresponding trip to meet artists and art spaces in the UK with Morag Keil / Performances at open studio days in Zurich with Alexandra Bachzetsis / In at the Deep End, a writing and acting workshop with Jon Rafman / Questioning hierarchies and authorship through the making of automated machines and robots with Marlie Mul / River fishing and bonfire making with Fabrice Gygi / Exploring emotional intelligence with Fulvia Carnevale from Claire Fontaine / Pavilionesque, a theatre and magazine project with Paulina Olowska / Remaking a movie about the life of Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini with Lili Reynaud Dewar in Rome / Investigating repetition, landscape, and community in a curatorial project with Yann Chateigné / LapTopRadio with Laurent Schmid at Bar Project in Barcelona.

Heads of program: Marlie Mul, Laurent Schmid

Teaching staff: Yann Chateigné, Jill Gasparina, Fabrice Gygi, Christophe Kihm, Pierre Leguillon, Geneviève Loup, Ileana Parvu, David Zerbib, Niels Trannois, Bruno Serralongue, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Aurélie Pétrel, Barbara Fedier

Invited speakers & guests: Vaginal Davis, Jon Rafman, Anthea Hamilton, Michael Stevenson, Marie Angeletti, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Mabe Bethonico, Fulvia Carnevale, Isabelle Cornaro, Andreas Dobler, Tobias Madison, Raimundas Malašauskas, Mai-Thu Perret, Olga Rozenblum, Michael Stevenson

Conditions for admissions 2020/21
Online application on and sending of a portfolio of personal works till April 3, 2020.

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