January 8, 2020

School of Criticism and Theory summer 2020

Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP)

Photo: Jason Koski.

An international program of study with leading figures in critical thought.

The School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University is now accepting participants for its 2020 summer session.

Since its inception in 1976, the School of Criticism and Theory has been devoted to intensive intellectual inquiry and the vigorous exchange of ideas, cultivating a space where courageous discussion and innovative academic exploration can thrive. Today, in an unparalleled summer campus experience, in the heart of the picturesque Finger Lakes region of New York state, the SCT offers a diverse group of scholars from around the world a chance to work with preeminent figures in critical thought—addressing an ever-expanding arrangement of cultural, political and social movements, theoretical axes and intersecting debates across the humanities and social sciences. From inter-disciplinary scholarship that enables new knowledge, to collaborative conversation that yields new questions, the SCT strives to respond to the complex and urgent struggles of our times with intellectual rigor and resilience.

In an intensive course of study, participants work with SCT’s core faculty of distinguished scholars and theorists in one of four six-week seminars. Seminars are discussion-based, anchored in a central theme or topic. Each faculty member offers, in addition, a public lecture and a colloquium (based on an original paper) which are attended by the entire group. The program also includes mini-seminars taught by scholars who visit for shorter periods. Finally, throughout the six weeks, influential theorists visit as lecturers.

2020 seminars:
Matthew Engelke: Magic / Caroline Levine: Formalist Methods, Political Consequences / Marina Rustow: Epistemology of the Archive and the Practice of Archival History / George Yancy: Whiteness and the Phenomenology of Racial Embodiment

2020 mini-seminars:
Karen Barad: Infinity, Nothingness, and the Un/doing of Self / Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi: Mystical Modernity: Reading Walter Benjamin Through Ali Shariati / Béatrice Longuenesse: Conflicting logics of the mind. Lessons from Kant and Freud / Gary Tomlinson: Humanists in the Future of Evolutionary Science

Public lectures include:
Anita Allen: Facing Black Faces: Race and Representation In the era of Facial Recognition Technology / Heather Love: From the Outside Looking In / Carolyn Rouse: Revisiting the Case Against Reparation / Haiping Yan: Other Cosmopolitans, China and Beyond

View the admissions guide for summer 2020, read course descriptions, view faculty bios, or learn more about the School of Criticism and Theory.

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