November 6, 2019

Seeking Tenured Professors for Emerging Media Arts

Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Courtesy Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts.

The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, a newly established 57M dollar facility and academic degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is re-envisioning the university for the 21st century. We are seeking tenured-track faculty willing to overcome the status quo and foster authentic voices that reimagine immersive design, immersive + interactive media, cinematic arts, virtual and mixed reality, gaming, sonic arts, data + art, physical computing, virtual production and spatial and experience design.

We are seeking an Assistant or Associate Professor of Emerging Media Arts: Computational Artist / Designer / Developer

This position is a tenure track position and comes with stipends to support research and creative activity and innovative teaching practices.

We envision being the premiere destination for an innovative faculty seeking a fresh social vision that plays to the innermost recesses of our imaginations, solves human-scale problems and tells breathtaking stories that stimulate, provoke and inspire.

Our approach to learning relies on collaboration in an environment where exploration, experimentation, analysis, risk, and failure can freely occur.

Current areas of interest and research within the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts include: interactive storytelling, experience design, procedural content generation/generative methods, computational cinematography, VR/AR/XR, perceptual technologies, machine learning for artists, sonic arts, data and art, immersive and interactive media, immersive design, virtual production, entrepreneurship, and the application of block chain technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

How to apply
Application review begins on January 12, 2020, and will continue until appointments are made.

Position description
The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts invites applications for a computational artist/designer/developer with a research-based practice and/or industry experience that includes exhibition and/or publication record.

Minimum required qualifications
Terminal degree in emerging media arts, computer science, design or broadly related field, or Bachelor degree and commensurate professional experience.

A portfolio of work demonstrating achievement in at least one of the following fields:
Computer visualization processes and techniques / Game Design / Development / Design / Virtual and Augmented Reality / Virtual Production / Critical Informatics / Algorithmic-based Design (e.g.: parametric systems and computationally directed fabrication and simulation) / Physical Computing / Machine Vision / Immersive Design / Sonic Arts / Other emerging media arts

Strong interest in working collaboratively across disciplines.

Strong commitment to a progressive emerging media arts education and a keen interest in industry developments.

Our ideal candidate is both creative and technologically proficient, and is passionate about intermixing art, music, storytelling and computer science to provide students with the basis of creating new forms of art which arise out of the affordances of computational systems. This position involves teaching at an undergraduate and eventually graduate level. We are looking for people who will continually re-invent the curriculum as an ongoing part of their commitment to continued research and development.

Thank you!

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