December 2, 2019

Call for applications

De Ateliers

Rustan Söderling, installation at De Ateliers (detail), 2019. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij.

De Ateliers is a postgraduate artist institute in Amsterdam, that offers unique opportunities for talented artists to develop their work in an international context. De Ateliers offers a stimulating, international working environment focused on artistic experimentation, with spacious private studios, workshops, stipends and housing, and an intensive program of regular individual studio visits by prominent artists and art professionals. De Ateliers is best tailored to the needs of artists engaged in studio practice, who are at the beginning of their professional development, and who wish to deepen their practice and sharpen their ideas by actively engaging in critical conversation with artist colleagues over an extended period of time. De Ateliers offers a two year working period.

In 2020, ten studios will become available for the 2020–22 working period.

De Ateliers is open for applications for the next working year, starting September 1, 2020.

Application is open to artists at the beginning of their professional career. Although there is no formal age limit for applications, most applicants are under 28 years old. The applications will be reviewed by selection committees that are primarily composed of tutor artists of De Ateliers. All successful applicants receive a private studio, weekly studio visits with renowned artists and other art professionals, and have access to workshops, technical assistance, a library, public programs, knowledge networks and administration services.

Please use our application form. More information about De Ateliers, the programme and the application can be found on our website.

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