September 27, 2019

Senior Lecturer & Lecturer: Visual Art Craft Design | Senior Lecturer: Design

Australian National University School of Art & Design

Mel Douglas, Confluence (detail), 2019. Glass, dimensions variable.

The ANU School of Art & Design (SOA&D) is focused on achieving excellence in research and teaching in accordance with its position within the Australian National University (ANU), an outstanding, research-intensive institution ranked among the great universities of the world. The SOA&D is a supportive and transdisciplinary research and teaching community that prioritises the artistic practices and research of its academic staff, and the development and delivery of rigorous undergraduate and graduate visual art, craft, design, art history and curatorship education and supervision. The successful candidates appointed to these roles will contribute to this ecology through their experimental and high profile artistic research and through demonstrated proficiency in teaching, and will have the necessary experience in studio-based contempoary art, craft and design practices as well as art theory education.

The School is seeking to appoint an academic in each of three roles: Senior Lecturer Visual Art Craft Design, Lecturer Visual Art Craft Design and Senior Lecturer Design. These positions contribute to the dynamic programs: the Bachelor of Visual Arts and the Bachelor of Design. The two positions for the contemporary art, craft and design can have an emphasis on contemporary art and craft practice, which could include glass and/or ceramics. The successful candidates will have a personal research profile based on an active research practice relating to these fields. Each position will contribute to the research activity and profile of the School, high quality and innovative teaching within the undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research programs. The candidates will have relevant experience in studio-based teaching and the technical, conceptual and historical underpinnings of contemporary practice. The capacity for leadership, collaborative practice and administration is highly desirable.

The ANU School of Art & Design is committed to educating creators and producing research as complex and undisciplined as the challenges the world faces today. We incubate and grow new ecologies of creative practice, crossing disciplines, appropriating technologies, and building affinities.We are informed by art and design’s political traditions and histories, mobilising them to intervene in cultural debates, social systems, and possible futures. We aim to give momentum to the intrinsic value of art, design and art history, galvanise wide audiences to recognise that value, and provoke our students to think critically and address the issues of the world through art and design.

ANU is fortunate to be based on a strikingly beautiful, open campus in the heart of the nation’s capital. Blending green space with heritage buildings and fine contemporary architecture. Our campus is home to more than 5,000 students, and a centre of daily activities for 15,000 more students and staff. The privileged location of ANU in the national capital creates opportunities and responsibilities to share our collections, campus, and learning environment with our community and the nation.

The ANU has nearly 100,000 alumni including academic leaders, professionals in all areas of visual arts and culture, political, business, and government positions. We have graduated remarkable people from every part of our continent, our region and all walks of life. ANU hosts some of the nation’s most influential Indigenous researchers and researchers on Indigenous issues. While the national university’s focus is Australia, our horizons are global. The legacy of our long-standing international engagement and expertise has delivered us unrivalled impact beyond our borders, particularly throughout Asia and the Pacific. Great research by outstanding staff creates the right environment for the highest quality education. Governments and civil society expect ANU to be at the leading edge of thinking in these areas, enlivened by continuously renewed partnerships, involvement of leaders from outside the academy, and excellence in our research and teaching.

Please email enquiries.visualarts [​at​] to request a School of Art & Design Prospectus.

Application deadline: October 27, 2019, 11:55pm AEDT

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