September 24, 2019

Show and Try Again

Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

Installation of Re:Bachelor Machines, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, 2018. Photo: Beatrice von Bismarck.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the master program Cultures of the Curatorial at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, the symposium and curatorial program Show and Try Again focuses on the potential of curatorial research.

Art and artifacts transform in the process of becoming public. Each presentation creates new meanings for both the exhibits and for the relations generated within an exhibition situation. As a result, what is familiar can become unfamiliar, forms of knowledge discarded, institutions redefined, roles overruled and narratives reoriented.

How can showing itself be understood as a form of research, rather than merely a result of an invisible process preceding it? What can be required from operations of presenting art in the face of the increasing economization of education, knowledge, and visibility? What is the emancipatory, critical potential of showing in specific orders? How can showing and research be understood as a mutual process?

The role of the curatorial—a set of interrelated practices and positions—in the context of transformation processes on an aesthetic as well as on a social, political and economic level is undisputed in the current discourse. However, the debate on the actual practices, strategies and processes that could and should be used for this purpose is ongoing and open. It addresses those meaningful actions that are specific to the act of showing and self-reflection of art and culture.

Experimental, repetitive processing and reorganizing ways of dealing with curatorial situations, which are especially interested in epistemological and socially relevant questions, take center stage within the framework of Show and Try Again. Artists, curators and scholars explore the potentials of curatorial research through various formats, ranging from performances, presentations, workshops, panels and lectures.

Combining theory and practice, the symposium taking place on October 18, 2019 sets a discursive framing for the program. The contributions seek to explore the dimensions of curatorial research today, discussing aspects of gender, digitality, politicality, performativity, and curatorial agency.

Contributors: Fiona McGovern, Adrian Heathfield, Marion von Osten, Nora Sternfeld, and Magda Tyżlik-Carver

The curatorial program, which explores curatorial practice as a method of reflection, will take place from November 26–30, 2019. Within a changing, situative display, it opens up the space for questions.

Contributors: Бükü Office for Cultural Translations, Nanne Buurman, Cashmere Radio, Binna Choi, Hans D. Christ and Iris Dressler, Pip Day, Fehras Publishing Practices, Rike Frank, Ari Benjamin Meyers, class for system design with Maureen Mooren, class for painting and graphic arts with Michael Riedel, Ruangrupa, Jörn Schafaff, Simon Sheik, class for photography with Heidi Specker and Daniel Niggemann, Herman Verkerk, Thomas Weski, among others

Hours: October 18, 1:30–8pm, ceremony hall / November 26–30, 2–9pm, HGB Gallery

The event is free and open to the public.

Support for Show and Try Again is generously provided by the Dresden State Art Collections and the Friends of the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts.

Please check the website for program updates.

Concept: Beatrice von Bismarck, Julia Kurz, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer and Agnieszka Roguski

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