June 14, 2019

Third edition of MADE Labs summer school

MADE Program at Rosario Gagliardi Academy of Fine Arts & Design

MADE LABS 2019 curators, workshop leaders and key note speakers. Courtesy MADE Program.

Curated by Formafantasma and Moncada Rangel

Now in its third edition, MADE Labs is the Summer School conceived by MADE Program, the brand new project of the “Rosario Gagliardi” Academy of Fine Arts in Siracusa.

All the editions of MADE Labs are led by world-renowned creative professionals and addressed to designers, architects and artists who are curious about new developments in their fields. Previous edition guests included Ilse Crawford, Sam Jacobs, Max Lamb, Sabine Marcelis, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Martí Guixé, Arquitectura G, Fala Atelier, Point Supreme, Bethan Laura Wood, Guillermo Santoma, Baukuh and Erik Kessel among others.

The 2019 edition, “WELCOME (borderless visions on contemporary design, architecture and visual art),” is curated by Studio Formafantasma and Moncada Rangel and includes nine 5-day workshops and thirteen lectures with Leopold Banchini, Adam Broomberg with Hoda Afshar, Jan Boelen, Emanuele Coccia, Izaskun Chinchilla, Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, Matteo Ghidoni, Fernando Laposse, Maio Architects, Jorge Penadés, Piovenefabi, Fiona Raby and Thomas Thwaites.

In 1971 Victor Papanek published his seminal text “Design for the Real World”. The book thoughtfully examines the necessity of addressing ‘real human needs’ as opposed to the "invented needs" created by the market. In the era of Trump’s wall, Brexit, and waves of backward-looking populism, Papanek’s conception of design as socially inclusive and welcoming of multidisciplinary contributions is as relevant as ever. In our unstable, soul-searching, confused Europe, constantly questioning the essence of its shared culture within the expanse of its territory and its ethnic diversity, climate change and diminishing biodiversity are still open to multiple contributions, and interdisciplinary exchange is simply a necessity. Indeed, the preservation of diversity goes well beyond the recognition of its beauty. Rather, it is urgent that we ensure the emergence of intelligent design proposals. As normalization and cultural standardization persist in their attack on the rich diversity of vitality, for the 2019 edition the city of Siracusa will welcome a group of designers, architects and artists who, each in their own way, celebrate inclusivity as an essential element of design.

MADE Labs will run from July 22 until August 3, 2019 according to the following time schedule: from July 22 to 27, workshops led by Leopold Banchini (“The Ear of Salvini”), Adam Broomberg with Hoda Afshar (“Teach Yourself Exile”), Matteo Ghidoni (“The Baths”) and Fernando Laposse (“A Succulent Voyage”); from July 29 of to August 3, workshops led by Izaskun Chinchilla (“The Caring City”), Maio Architects (“City as a Stage”), Jorge Penadés (“International Waters”), Piovenefabi (“Design Balneare”) and Thomas Thwaites (“Disegno ad Absurdum”).

These two weeks of workshops will be enriched by the MADE Labs Symposium, which will be held on the evenings of the July 27 and 29 with the extraordinary key note speakers: Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, Jan Boelen, Fiona Raby and Emanuele Coccia. In addition, the workshop leaders of MADE Labs will present their work.

MADE LABS aims to make high quality, international training programs accessible to a large number of people. That's why we do our best to keep fees as low as we can. Professional fee: 1 workshop 480 EUR / 2 workshops 830 EUR / student fee: 1 workshop 390 EUR / 2 workshops 650 EUR.

Upon successful completion of each workshop, MADE Program will issue 3 ECTS that can be transferred at the option of each student’s home university.

More info and applications: / madelabs [​at​]

This year MADE Labs teams up with Ortigia Sound System Festival: from July 24 to the 28, Siracusa will host Sentimiento Nuevo, the concept behind OSS 2019, with a lineup from the past to the future featuring artists such as Giorgio Moroder, Neon Indian, Virgil Abloh, Hessle Audio label, Call Super and Yussef Dayes.

Six Ortigia Sound System 2019 Full Night Passes will be drawn among all the MADE Labs participants registered before June 30, 2019.

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