May 3, 2019

HOW International Curatorial Residency Program 2019

HOW Art Museum

Courtesy HOW Art Museum.

HOW Art Museum is pleased to announce that the HOW International Curatorial Residency Program continues in 2019. Through the Open Call we cordially invite curators, scholars, art critics and writers worldwide who are interested in extending their knowledge and getting deeper insights of Chinese contemporary art scene, along with expanding professional network in this region.

Co-sponsored by HOW Art Museum and Onehome Art Hotel, HOW International Curatorial Residency Program was initiated in 2018. The program offers short-term and intensive, typically spanning from 7 to 30 days residencies at the HOW Art Museum (Shanghai). During the course of the residency, for all curators-in-residence our team will provide individualized arrangements, including visits to museums, galleries, alternative spaces, artist studios along with meetings with art professionals. Hence, that will allow participants deepen their proposed research and broaden professional connections. Provided that the time of the stay exceeds two weeks, participants are also invited to take a trip to HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou), the Museum’s branch in the city of Wenzhou which locates 470 km away from Shanghai.

Furthermore, all participants will have chance to collaborate and engage with the work of the HOW Art Museum’s curatorial team at the museum office. As an outcome of the residency, participants are required to produce an article or report, and organize a public event such as a lecture at HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) or HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou).

The program provides accommodation at Onehome Art Hotel (Shanghai) with selected meals and working space at HOW Art Museum (Shanghai). The travel costs won't be included.

HOW International Curatorial Residency Program aims to motivate residency exchange opportunities around the world and to forge durable institutional relationships in the long run. We encourage applications based on a wide spectrum of curatorial practices, research skills and professional experiences.

Application requirements
–Both institutional and independent curators and scholars who work with all kinds of disciplines within the context of contemporary art are eligible to apply.

–Applicants should have at least a moderate level of English or Chinese speaking ability, and should feel comfortable engaging in discussions in one of these two languages.

The application continues throughout 2019.

Notification: The selected participants will be notified via email.

Residency: Up to 30 days. The applicants can propose their preferred time frame, the minimum stay is 7 days. The final dates for arrival and departure to and from Shanghai should be discussed between HOW Art Museum and the selected participants.

Enquires & proposal submission
Please send enquiries and proposals to HOW Art Museum: [email protected].

Application must include the following materials:
–CV (include academic background, relevant past projects, and references if possible);
–Research proposal for the residency (include at least one precise research topic and detailed research plan around the identified artistic/cultural topics).

About HOW Art Museum
HOW Art Museum was founded by the collector Zheng Hao, and Yun Cheagab has served as director of the museum since 2012. It consists of two museums, namely HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) and HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou). The latter opened in early 2013, and has held nearly 20 contemporary art exhibitions.

HOW Art Museum (Shanghai), located in Pudong New District of Shanghai, opened to public in September 2017. The museum spreads over three floors for exhibitions and cultural activities, covering about 7,000 square meters in total, that is, including nearly 5,000 square meters for the whole exhibition hall area.

The museum pioneers to create a new model of operating a "Night Art Museum" for the convenience of the public, opening from 1 to 10pm regularly, and 10am to 10pm on the weekends and holidays. HOW Art Museum also carries out HOW International Curatorial Residency Program, in order to establish a new art complex and cultural landmark in Pudong New District of Shanghai.

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