March 27, 2019

MFA Sound Art at Fridman Gallery
Sound Progressions

Columbia University School of the Arts

Julian Day, Cold Front, 2018. Reflective paper, subwoofer, amplifier, audio. Courtesy of the artist.

Objects, video, performance, sound
Featuring: Rosana Caban, Kamari Carter, Lauren Covey, Julian Day, Lee GIlboa, Mengtai Zhang

Director: Miya Masaoka
Curator: Regine Basha

About the Sound Art program
Columbia University has been at the helm of sound innovation for over fifty years, with faculty specializing in composition, improvisation, music theory, musicology, installation, sculpture, instrument building, acoustics, music cognition, and software development. Faculty from the Computer Music Center, along with colleagues from Composition, Visual Arts, and Engineering, led the development of the new interdisciplinary area in Sound Art that leads to the Master of Fine Arts degree awarded by the School of the Arts. The Sound Art program is the only graduate sound art program in New York City.

Sound Art students pursue creative work in a variety of genres and focus on the integration of sound with other media. Sound Art is a studio-based program in conjunction with the Visual Arts Program. As such, it gives the students the freedom to explore work in sculpture, video, and wood as well as computer programming, performance, and conceptual strategies. Students develop their practice in a multi-perspectival, interactive, and supportive environment and learn to conceive and discuss their own work, articulate their artistic ideas, and develop a self awareness of how their work is situated within the context of various histories, disciplines, and practices.

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