March 27, 2019

Launch of Issue online journal

Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD)

Images from the Conference "Narratives of a Near Future". © HEAD – Genève, Michel Giesbrecht.

HEAD – Genève is delighted to announce the publication of the online journal Issue, which shares with the general public the significant practical and theoretical research work that is carried out at HEAD – Genève, Geneva School of Art and Design. This one-of-a-kind, ambitious project goes hand in hand with large-scale efforts to structure academic research in the fields of Art and Design and will henceforth serve to showcase the unique approach of a School of Art and Design where theory relies upon experimentation and practice.

A polyphonic journal, Issue groups together under the same banner reflections based on fields as diverse as Fine Arts, Design, Interior Architecture, Cinema or Fashion. In this regard, one of the platform’s objectives is to create a forum to share ideas as well as highlight certain similarities to fuel transdisciplinary discussion and emphasise the main concerns of the actors of the School, where the contemporary world and its near future are envisioned.

As a curtain-raiser, Issue has published the proceedings of the conference "Narratives of a Near Future," organised in the context of HEAD’s 10th anniversary, which gathered together some thirty theoreticians, artists and performers whose work lies at the avant-garde of the present. Further content such as an interview with artist John M Armleder drawn from a research project on the archives of Ecart, and an interview with 2018 Töpffer prize-winning cartoonist Jean-Christophe Menu by Clément Paurd also feature in this first issue.

The review’s website is divided into thematic dossiers (“focus”), essays and conferences (“flux”), reviews of the school’s editorial projects (“editions”), and personal blogs (“satellites”). Issue thus brings together research topics, noteworthy works by students, in-depth interviews with researchers, teachers and lecturers at the school, and methodological and experimental reflections based on various formats: texts, videos, images and podcasts.

Open to all, Issue will constitute an archive and generous resource for all students, alumni, teachers, researchers, cultural actors and art and design enthusiasts over time.

The browsing experience and multiple search modes provided on Issue’s website, favour interdisciplinarity and serendipity. Eventually, these bridges will foster new collaborations as well as alternative perspectives on teaching and research, and thus generate new projects in the future.

ISSUE Journal benefits from the support and expertise of an editorial board composed of members coming from each department of the university: Çağla E. Aykaç, Christophe Kihm and Fabienne Radi for Fine Arts, Aude Fellay for Fashion & Accessory Design, Elizabeth Fischer for Watch Design, Delphine Jeanneret for Cinema, Florence Marguerat and Clément Paurd for Visual Communication and Roberto Zancan for Interior Architecture.


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