April 1, 2019

Residency opportunities 2020

Frans Masereel Centrum

Dome Atelier. Courtesy Frans Masereel Centre.

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Frans Masereel Centrum, one of Europe’s biggest print art centres, invites artists, writers and researchers to apply for its 2020 residency opportunities. Residencies take place between January 6 and September 11, 2020 and last 6 (general and research residency) or 4 weeks (essay residency).

Frans Masereel Centrum, which has been greatly expanded with a new pavilion, is a printmaking laboratory and platform. Operating amidst the scenic Flemish countryside, it not only propels the graphic and visual arts towards refreshing ideas and interpretations, but also lays the foundations for international artist communities and networks.

From intaglio to screenprints, from wood carvings to digital stencils and lasercuts: the Frans Masereel Centrum ateliers can inspire and accommodate any visual artist—photogravure buffs and risograph novices alike. FMC’s atelier experts will gladly assist you with workshops and guidance, customised to your artistic project.

Frans Masereel Centrum is also a knowledge hub and exhibition space with international allure. It offers writers, critics and researchers the necessary stimuli and at the same time calm atmosphere to delve into, for instance, the links between the graphic arts and other art forms, whether by leisurely conversations with other artists-in-residence or by making use of FMC’s sizeable library.

All info can be found here.
Application deadline: June 2, 2019

Artistic out-of-the-box mentalities and multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged.

Until April 14, 2019, art universities are welcome to apply for a residency as well. FMC offers schools one or two week stays or advanced ten-day masterclasses about the future of print (art).

Frans Masereel Centrum is part of the Flemish government. Therefore, residents are only required to pay a tiny fraction—mentioned on FMC's website—of the actual costs of a residency. The prices mentioned for school residencies are to be paid per group, not per student.

Frans Masereel Centrum is an open-minded institution that wants to reflect society as a whole and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation or gender expression.

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