March 12, 2019

Seeking two Professors: Art Theory and History of Ideas of Art; Artistic Research / Artistic Research Leader

Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

Tamara Henderson, and Meriç Algün. Courtesy of Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

The Royal Institute of Art in the center of Stockholm is Sweden’s oldest and largest institution of higher learning for fine arts. The school is currently in a phase of rapid development, aiming to create the art education of the future. We are looking for a professor in art theory and history of ideas of art and a professor in fine arts with a focus on artistic research, who is also a research leader.

Please apply by April 10, 2019.

Professor in fine arts with a focus on artistic research
The artistic research chair has a special focus on critical and creative approaches to the altered ecological living conditions of the Anthropocene. The idea is to build a research environment where these issues are articulated in artistic processes. A crucial requirement for the position is a prominent art practice at a very high level within the field, thus 50 percent of the period of employment will be set aside for personal artistic research.

The Royal Institute of Art offers a practice-based research environment, including five PhD students and 11 researchers, which is under intense development with good prospects for continued expansion. The research at the Royal Institute of Art exists in an international context and includes prominent artists. At the Royal Institute of art, research and the undergraduate curriculum constitute an integrated environment that stimulates an advanced discourse on art and the contextsof contemporary art. The research is interdisciplinary and in dialogue with society at large.

As the leader of artistic research at the school you will be tasked with structuring and developing the research environment at all levels in dialogue with students, coworkers, and the school administration. You will lead the coordination of research at the school and keep a close eye on the evolution of the field of artistic research.

Professor in art theory and history of ideas of art
The art theory and history of ideas of art chair has its basis in the crucial importance of art criticism to the creation of art. As an ideal applicant you will have authored a strong critical and essayistic body of writing, and published outside the realm of traditional academic research. Your body of writing positions itself within contemporary art and develops the theoretical and historical discourses of art based on the field of practices that defines it.

It is crucial that you be able to work with theoretical issues in an interesting and engaging manner, together with students and in close connection to their artistic work. Beyond teaching the master’s seminar in art theory you will apply art theory and history to various aspects of teaching and in innovative ways alongside students and other teachers. Teaching writing is a natural aspect of this position; among other things you will participate in advising students on their master’s thesis. It is crucial to your position that you continue to be active as an writer, thus 50 percent of the period of employment will be set aside for artistic research based on your writing practice.

These are full-time positions and the period of employment is five years with the possibility of an extension for a maximum of five more years.

Thank you!

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