January 3, 2019

MFA in Fine Art

Goldsmiths, University of London

Miriam Naeh (MFA), Stinky Souls, Soles and Holes, 2018.

The MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths is currently welcoming applications for entry in 2019.

Our programme enables you to become articulate, confident, critically aware and self-motivated in your practice and thinking as an emerging artist.

Our ethos is interdisciplinary—and challenging. As your ambitions grow during the course of the programme, we expect you will change your practice. You will want to try out new media, new ideas, and also rethink how you position yourself as an artist. We support you taking on these changes by facilitating complete flexibility in what you will want to do next.

Artists on our programme work across media and interests, and engage in demanding peer-to-peer learning with a strong emphasis on full and open discussion. We integrate theory and practice by teaching Critical Studies in response to your individual interests. In addition to the intense engagement with studio practice through tutorials and weekly Group Crits, material production is supported by a full complement of state of the art workshops and laboratories staffed by fully qualified technicians.

The MFA Fine Art inhabits a dedicated spacious studio complex in Deptford, one of London’s most vibrant and interesting areas for emerging art, music and design. The studios are a short walk from the Goldsmiths campus at New Cross. We also provide projects spaces and encourage you to develop your own exhibitions and projects both in the College and outside of it.

Our curriculum is built primarily around one-to-one tutorials and Group Crits. Permanent staff include John Chilver, Nick Crowe, Ros Gray, Andy Harper, David Mabb, Suhail Malik, Simon Martin, Sadie Murdoch, Michael Newman, Lindsay Seers, Ben Seymour, Kate Smith, Jemima Stehli and Milly Thompson. Our in-house teaching is complemented by tutorials with visiting artists, writers and thinkers chosen by the students themselves. In recent years, visiting tutors have included Ed Atkins, Hannah Black, Glenn Brown, Nicolas Bourriaud, Simon Fujiwara, Anthea Hamilton, Vincent Honore, Sophie Jung, Mark Leckey, Basim Magdi, Renzo Martens, Metahaven, Katrina Palmer, Laure Prouvost, Daniel Sinsel, Cally Spooner, Guo Xiaolu, and Bedwyr Williams amongst many others.

Documentation of our final exhibitions can be seen here, and the programme's talks series from recent years are here.

Scholarships are available. Apply here.

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