December 11, 2018

Open position: Professorship in sculptural practices at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts

The School of Sculpture constitutes one of four MFA departments at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, domiciled at Charlottenborg Palace in the city centre of Copenhagen. Courtesy The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts is looking for a committed, experienced and highly acclaimed artist to take over the professorship at the School of Sculpture. The successful applicant will begin September 1, 2019.

The School of Sculpture constitutes one of four MFA departments at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' international MFA study programme.

Approximately 20 to 30 students attend the School of Sculpture’s three-year MFA programme. The School of Sculpture is domiciled at Charlottenborg Palace, where the students have their studios and where part of the School’s instruction is carried out.

The School of Sculpture focuses on artistic practices that unfold in three dimensions. The core field of study is sculpture, objects, installations and art in public spaces.

The instruction provided at the School of Sculpture focuses on nurturing the individual student’s artistic practice through tutorials, group critique and technical instruction and guidance. The School looks towards the preconditions of contemporary art. Supporting this, its activities include visits to exhibitions, meeting artists, curators and critics, going on excursions and study trips and reflecting on theory. The School also invites guests to visit the school, arranging lectures and engaging the students in an ongoing dialogue.

The School of Sculpture works closely with the Laboratory for Sculpture, which comprises the laboratories for plaster, wood, plastic, ceramics, construction and 3D. It also offers courses on stonemasonry, bronze casting and other classic techniques. In addition to this this, students are encouraged to work with artistic research and text as part of their MFA programme.

About the position
As professor of the School of Sculpture you will be Head of Study, meaning that you hold the overall responsibility for directing the study programme, ensuring the quality of the teaching provided, and for assisting the students’ artistic development through supervision, guidance and teaching. The professor is in charge of the School’s academic management and holds the responsibility for outlining the academic profile of the School of Sculpture. The professor is very welcome to collaborate with students on this.

Working in collaboration with Rector and the other Heads of Study, the professor will contribute to the strategic development of the Schools of Visual Arts’ profile, forms of teaching and overall objectives. The professor may be appointed Prorector.

Duties and responsibilities
While planning the programme, the professor is expected to take into account the students’ various practices. The professor should also be able to offer up different perspectives (artistic and thematic) on the art of sculpture and related practices. The Academy also expects the teaching to be based on general insight into contemporary sculpture, contemporary art in general, the history of sculpture, artistic research, art theory, and the techniques of sculpture.

The successful applicant must:

-Have established a comprehensive artistic practice and a professional career of international scope. The successful candidate must be an acclaimed artist operating at the highest level within the field of contemporary art, having exhibited their work at established art institutions, galleries and similar.

-Have in-depth knowledge of contemporary art, including sculpture.

-Have graduated from a Fine Arts programme at the highest level.

-Have firm experience teaching at corresponding institutions and be able to supervise and tutor students individually.

-Be able to teach on the basis of a contemporary view of sculpture and on well-founded theoretical, historical and technical insight into the field.

-Work with artistic research.

Applicants are also required to:

-Show understanding and empathy with individuals in teaching situations

-Have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to co-operate well with in-house and external stakeholders.

See the full job posting and application instructions here.

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