January 11, 2019

MFA in Creative Media & MA in Creative Media (streams in Curating Art & Media and Media Cultures)

School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Kathleen McDermott, Urban Armor #7: The Social Escape Dress, 2016. Courtesy of the artist. 

Application deadlines
MFA in Creative Media: April 30, 2019
MA in Creative Media: March 31, 2019

MFA in Creative Media (MFACM)
The MFACM emphasizes the integration of contemporary art, culture and technology. It provides intensive and advanced training in digital audiovisual media and culture, animation, computer graphics, film/video production, interactive media and new media art. A cutting-edge art programme with a global vision, the MFACM is a hub and a laboratory for creative exchanges and professional collaboration regionally as well as internationally.

MA in Creative Media (MACM)
The MACM offers a humanities-oriented curriculum intended to complement the School of Creative Media’s mission to investigate the most significant artistic, professional, and socially relevant aspects of contemporary mediated expression.

The Curating Art and Media (CAM) Stream aims at developing the creative, intellectual, and technological competence required of future leaders in the art and media curating sector. It emphasizes the impact of digital media on all aspects of art, with a focus on developing capabilities in using new technologies in curating, exhibiting, and communicating art. Graduates will gain a critical understanding of key issues in contemporary practice of art and media, as well as solid skills in research, curating, collection, and exhibition to become successful in their careers or further studies in research degree programmes.

The Media Cultures (MC) Stream provides advanced training in media and cultural studies, an interdisciplinary field with roots in both the Humanities and the Social Sciences. It provides an intellectual framework for the study of modern media and culture, as well as an understanding of some of the substantive areas of theory and methods in research. It addresses questions of importance and urgency in contemporary society, and puts contemporary debates in historical and theoretical context. This stream is intended to provide postgraduate level preparation especially for media professionals and graduates, and for applicants from other professional areas in which the role of being a media specialist is increasingly desirable or necessary.

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CityU School of Creative Media
The region’s first such institution, the School of Creative Media was founded to nurture a new generation of interdisciplinary artists and creative media professionals, and to develop new ideas and technologies for the creative industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and abroad. Now over a decade later we continue to espouse and advance these aims as the clear leader in our field. We bridge the boundaries between art and science and integrate traditional and new media. We value applied creativity, cultural awareness, and critical thinking as much as business sense and entrepreneurial success.

With Hong Kong thus emerging as a thriving hub of new media culture and creative industries in Asia and the world, the School of Creative Media plays an instrumental role in this development as the leading force in creative media education and research in Hong Kong.

Entrance scholarship
The School will identify high-caliber students for the entrance scholarships based on academic merit upon successful admission. No applications for the scholarships are required. Awardees will be notified about the entrance scholarship when the admission offer is released. Details of the scholarships will be announced on the School’s website.

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