February 25, 2019

From the laboratory to the studio: interdisciplinary practices in Bio Art

School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Bio Art Lab. Photo: Jung Hee Mun.

From anatomical studies to landscape painting to the biomorphism of surrealism, the biological realm historically provided a significant resource for numerous artists. More recently, Bio Art has become a term referring to intersecting domains of the biological sciences and their incorporation into the plastic arts. Of particular importance in Bio Art is to summon awareness of the ways in which advancing biotechnologies alter social, ethical and cultural values in society. This interdisciplinary residency will take place in the new SVA Bio Art Laboratory located in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea gallery district.

The SVA Bio Art Lab is a fusion of a 19th century cabinet of curiosities with a state of the art biotechnology laboratory. In addition to housing specimen collections, herbariums, aquariums, microscopic photo & video stations, and a diverse library, the space facilitates culturing organisms, sterile techniques and a range of molecular biology protocols.

Each student resident is awarded a private studio space. The residency culminates in a public exhibition. Visit for additional information. Demonstrations include microscopy, plant tissue engineering, molecular cuisine and the production of micro ecosystems. Students may work in any media, including the performing arts. The residency will be led by artist Suzanne Anker, Chair of the BFA Fine Arts Department. Faculty and former visiting speakers include artists, scientists and museum professionals such as Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Giovanni Frazzetto, Francois-Joseph Lapointe and Tarah Rhoda, among others.

Note: A portfolio is required for review and acceptance to this program. Early application is highly recommended.

For more information about the Summer Residency Program at SVA visit

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