June 22, 2018

Master Institute: Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography graduation exhibitions

St. Joost School of Fine Art & Design

Design: Giulia Bardelli and Ada Favaron. Image: Giulia Bardelli.

The Master Institute of Art & Design at the Academy of the Arts & Design AKV|St. Joost is pleased to announce the MA graduation exhibitions for Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design 2018.

Master of Arts in Photography A Small Part of Everything
Corine Aalvanger, Vivian Bax, Aubane B. M., Daleen Bloemers, Daan Mulller, Kim Nuijen, Eric Patel, Marko Peck

time turns
into space and place,
a needle in a haystack
between blinking and belonging
the gleam of fragile screens, shadowless worlds
for hope of understanding,
against certainty

The exhibition brings together the 2018 Master of Arts in Photography graduates of the Master Institute AKV|St.Joost ‘s-Hertogenbosch. On display are the works of eleven visual artists presenting the conclusion of their two-year study and research period. The title suggests rather than captures an unspoken but shared ethos within and without the studio, always incomplete, always in process.

Location: ’t Fijnhout, Lootstraat 39, 1053 JH Amsterdam

Master of Arts in Fine Art Cafeteria
Cindy Bakker, Nicola Kirkaldy, Ektor Ntourakos, Ami Tsang, Susanne K. Yusef, Peng Zhang

Be aware! Food-politics, images of Palestine, village farming, hunter consumer, city dwelling,—topics that give insight into our most heartfelt interests. We, as a group of six international artists take on the immense industrial building De Kaaihallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch to show our work and practices. Inside the exhibition, Cafeteria will be the space where, through a self-organised structure, public lectures, talks and screenings take place. Join us for food and drinks. Cheers!

Lectures Saturday June 30, 2018
4pm: Eva Fotiadi and Bram Ieven
7pm: Simon Kentgens

Location: De Kaaihallen, Tramkade 26, 5211 WJ ’​s-Hertogenbosch

Master of Arts in Graphic Design Floating Frames
Sarah Bagheri, Guilia Bardelli, Tiemen de Blanken, Ada Favaron, Stefan Hoja, Hana Jira, Stanley Obobogo, Ornella Sanfilippo, Fay Teo, Jasper van Blokland

Floating Frames showcases the projects of an international group of graduates from the specialism Graphic Design: a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, situated practices negotiating different perceptions of the field, knowledge and expertise.

Within this exhibition borders have shifted, boundaries have been overcome and actions have evolved in order to depict process-based approaches to design. Floating Frames is where performative autonomy, transformative experiences and interdisciplinarity have come together to shape a broad spectrum of design contexts, ranging from video art to editorial design, programming and virtual reality (to name a few).

Floating Frames is a reflection on the complexity and contradictory nature of today’s reality where media has become a tool to empower self-driven approaches within this particular, ever-changing, design realm.

Location: Werkwarenhuis, Tramkade 24, 5211 VB ’s-Hertogenbosch

About Master Institute of Art & Design
Our graduate study programmes in Fine Art, Graphic Design & Photography, offer an engaging and inspiring opportunity for students from a wide range of backgrounds to deepen their practices through a critical and interdisciplinary, two-year full-time course. We are committed to supporting ambitious and diverse situated research interests and approaches.

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