June 18, 2018

Dance MFA Inaugural Study Cycle Symposium

University of the Arts Philadelphia

Image: Audrey Simmons.

MFA in Process

Guest Curator: Rizvana Bradley, Yale University

With invited guests:
nora chipaumire, Laura Cull, Maria Hassabi, Jenn Joy, Ralph Lemon, Paul Maheke, Erin Manning,
Emily Roysdon, Reggie Wilson

Dancing Politics, Moving Performance: Conversations at the Edges of Choreography, curated and directed by Rizvana Bradley (Yale University), marks the inauguration of the Study Cycle Symposium in conjunction with The University of the Arts, Philadelphia’s new MFA Program. This year, the symposium is set to take place in Paris, at the Centre National de la Danse (CND) the week of June 18 through June 22, 2018. This year, the Study Cycle Symposium will feature dynamic conversations between artists, scholars, choreographers, curators, movement practitioners, and students. Through talks and curated screenings, participants will think collectively about dance at the crossroads of emerging performance cultures and practices; dance as it is becoming increasingly enfolded into an evolving art-world context; the curation of dance and the practices of archiving and preserving performance as a document; the relationship between dance and theory, aesthetics, and the politics of movement. Conversations with choreographers and scholars will explore the relationships between the practice of choreography, and the movement of bodies in various contexts: as acts of social transgression, the movement of bodies through institutional spaces, and across geographic borders. Critical dialogues will consider the contingencies between dance, movement, and politics with respect to an expanding culture of political performance.

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