May 28, 2018

PhD, DCA and MFA Berlin summer catalogue

Transart Institute

Photo: Aleks Slota, 2017. Berlinische Galerie, Berlin.

Summer residencies are intensives with workshops, seminars, walkshops, exhibitions, talks, screenings, panels, and performances as well as individual and group presentations of work for discussion and project planning with advisors. Our summer catalogue of courses is now available:

The last chance to join our independent global creative research community this summer in Berlin is quickly approaching. Applications must be started by June 15 and completed no later than July 1. Course sign-up begins June 15.

Transart Institute for Creative Research (TT) offers graduate and doctoral degrees for all creative work:

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is a 1–2 year exploration and honing of your praxis, culminating in a master’s studies project with a 20-page process report or thesis, dialogue presentation and new body of work in any relevant form.

The Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA) is an advanced form of the MFA (minimum ten years experience) where you develop a new project or body of work. Your written research is guided through cumulative stages in which a critical reflection—50-page process report or analysis of your own practice—will emerge.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is for artists and other creative researchers with a specific research project or question/s they want to examine in order to further develop their work. Led by your research question/s it is a combination of your praxis and reflection where your writing—a thesis of approximately 40,000 words—actively contributes to the creative work itself.

Both new doctoral programmes culminate in the submission of your creative research as a public presentation of new work/thesis or process report in a form that best articulates and reflects your work and ideas (with no oral defense).

The Summer Academy (Certificate) For a creative surge seasoned artists, curators, writers and other creative researchers attend the Academy to join graduate and doctoral researchers in workshops, lectures and talks, critiques, exhibitions, screenings, symposia, excursions and other events. Revitalize your practice, gain fresh perspectives, experiment in a supportive and challenging environment, and/or striking out in new directions.

As a global, trans-disciplinary research community, Transart champions self-directed, curious, flexible and socially engaged creative researchers working independently and/or collectively. Our border-free, low-residency model of practice-led programmes and reputation attract an international community of researchers from diverse artistic and academic contexts and geographic locations creating opportunities to expand, enhance and sustain individual and collective practices in the world, beyond the walls of the academy.

You are invited to contact programmes coordinator Andrew Cooks directly for admissions questions and to see if you are eligible for a year’s advanced standing (MFA or DCA) before applying.

Transart Institute for Creative Research
T +1 (347) 410 9905 / admissions [​at​] / Skype: transartinstitute

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