April 11, 2018

Call for applications: Making Identities—Master of Research in Art & Design 2018–19

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

It Never Changes to Stop. © Sarah Van Marcke.

St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, is currently receiving applications for its Master of Research in Art & Design 2018–19. Making Identities will be its thematic focus, aiming to foster a critical reflection on the construction and proliferation of artistic, visual, political, ecological, urban, national, narrative, religious, corporate or cosmic identities today. How do they take shape in individual and collective bodies and how are they being sustained? Are identities always in the making and how do they oscillate between inclusivity and exclusivity? To what degree do fiction, stories and (foundational) myths play a role here? And is the artist’s/designer’s position one of complicity or criticality?

The Master of Research in Art & Design at St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp is a postgraduate programme with a special emphasis on artistic research, a unique feature in Flanders, Belgium. It offers students the time, space and professional guidance to develop their research insights and skills and/or as a stepping stone to a PhD in the arts.

Your individual research project will be at the heart of the programme. Guided by a core team of faculty members and numerous guest lecturers, you will be offered a wide range of perspectives and opportunities to further articulate your position as an artist and/or designer. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a research proposal related to the thematic focus.

Your research project will be put in a loop of continuous feedback by inviting professionals in art/design and theory, by setting up presentations and institutional collaborations and through dedicated forms of personal mentoring.

Our integrated model of practice-based research consists of three modules: production, publication and presentation. Each of these complementary training sections stands for a specific angle on (artistic) research, and is supervised by a core faculty member. In addition, a thematic masterclass and winter school will be organised in partnership with established arts organisations and other educational institutions. Students will be taking part in research seminars hosted by ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts) and are invited to further orient themselves within the research environment of St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp.

Past guest tutors include Haseeb Ahmed (visual artist and researcher), Lotte Arndt (researcher, writer and journalist), Bianca Baldi (visual artist), Honoré d’O (visual artist), Nico Dockx (artist, publisher, curator and researcher), Natascha Hoare (curator), David Maroto (visual artist and writer), Elise Lammer (curator), Amélie Laplanche & Tim Ryckaert (publishers), Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (curator and writer), Angela Serino (curator), Herman Van Ingelgem (visual artist), Ilse van Rijn (art critic), Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin (visual artist and researcher), Gernot Wieland (visual artist), among many others.

Please refer to our website for more information and submission guidelines.

Contact: pieter.vermeulen [​at​]

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