Exhibitions on the Cusp
Exhibitions on the Cusp
Above: Courtesy Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.
Above: Courtesy Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.
New online art publication
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The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation has launched a new online arts publication called Exhibitions on the Cusp.

To celebrate 20 years of the Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award (2018), this publication will highlight each awarded exhibition and infuse new stories through monthly editions around a theme shaping contemporary art.

We’ve utilized a robust feature set dedicated to fostering community. Users will have the ability to comment on specific paragraphs of posts, highlight content and share directly to social media platforms, and contribute feedback through the use of quick polls and surveys.

By blending stories of the past and present, Exhibitions on the Cusp seeks to advance social discourse in contemporary art and forge connections among artists, curators, institutions, and all other art audiences and consumers.

We are also open to submissions from the art community, and invite readers to submit story ideas here.


January 22, 2018