December 14, 2017

MFA Curating in the Department of Art

Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldmiths Centre for Contemporary Art. Architect's image, ASSEMBLE.


The original meaning of the word curare means care, and curators have long been caretakers of collections, of artists, exhibitions and ideas. This is important to recall in our times of uncertainty—uncertain in terms of the profession and the artworld, but also in terms of the state of the world, and any future for a common world.

In our MFA programme, we see curating as a central and complex place from which to see the world, and the role of contemporary art within it. The programme offers knowledge in the form of a toolbox, ranging from theoretical concepts to the practicalities of project management, and is built on a peer-to-peer learning model. Our student-centred learning generates independent, articulate, confident, self-motivated, knowledgeable producers who support each other’s learning.

The programme is designed for students who wish to take up the challenge of contemporary curating as an artistic, social and critical undertaking, and who wish to develop their professional practice in this area. It enables you to experiment and innovate in an expanded field of curatorial studies, encompassing various forms of exhibition-making and design, but also live events, public programming, performances and film screenings.

The programme is uniquely situated within the Department of Art, and draws it understanding of contemporary art as a practice from this setting. We are currently based in Deptford, an important hub for emerging artists and galleries. The course also offers students the possibility of realizing projects through our collaborations with Chisenhale Studios, Cubitt and Enclave, and students will be engaging directly with the Goldsmiths’ gallery, a new space for contemporary art opening in the autumn of 2018

Goldsmiths' MFA Curating programme is recognised worldwide for producing highly qualified curators and other arts professionals, known for their rigour and independence. Our graduates find employment in top international museums, commercial galleries, auction houses, magazines, alternative spaces and not-for-profit organisations. Ultimately, we aim to help you become precisely the kind of curator that you want to be, and we will help you identify which part of the artworld you want to work in.

Our staff is made up of internationally renowned curators and academics whose own professional practice informs their work as teachers: Dr. Ele Carpenter, Chris Hammond, Kirsty Ogg, Helena Reckitt, Prof. Andrew Renton, Dr. Simon Sheikh and Dr. Gilda Williams.

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