September 28, 2017

Fall 2017 exhibitions & programming

Beeler Gallery at Columbus College of Art & Design

Alan Shields, Jello Apples, 1971–74 (detail). Acrylic, thread on canvas, 116 x 229 in. Courtesy of Van Doren Waxter / Alan Shields Estate. Photo: © 2017 Stephen Takacs Photography.

Beeler Gallery at Columbus College of Art & Design announces its Fall 2017 season of exhibitions, public programming, and collaborations.

Utopia and its reverberations and repercussions provide the framework to reflect on how materials manifest ecologically, ethically, and politically. The space between fingers, between threads, between elements, and between objects speaks. In turn, new languages emerge, submerge, and diverge, to potential pathways towards the past, present, and future.


Alan Shields: A Different Kind of Painting
August 22, 2017–January 2, 2018
Alan Shields (1944–2005), influenced by the mid-1960s era of cultural change and an interest in utopian architecture, set out to create artworks for the future. Featuring more than 40 of his radical textile works that challenge the notion of painting, some shown for the first time. Curated by Ian Ruffino.

August 22, 2017–January 2, 2018
Stitch might be mistaken for an abstract painting exhibition. Focusing on the enunciation of fibers instead of paint, artists utilize the techniques of sewing, weaving, knitting, hooking, embroidering, and exposing the construction of a garment. With Polly Apfelbaum, Louise Bourgeois, Simon Fujiwara, Channing Hansen, Alana Iturralde, Ruth Laskey, Oscar Murillo, Paulina Olowska, Frances Trombly, and Brent Wadden. Curated by Ian Ruffino.

Project Room

Kim Faler: This Must Be the Place
September 7–October 20, 2017
A video and sound installation of a small moment, based on the Mary Oliver poem I Go Down to the Shore. A slow drip of water is amplified in scale and sound and projected across multiple wall constructions that interrupt the navigation of the gallery space.

Suzanne Silver: Codes and Contingencies
November 9, 2017–January 2, 2018
A site-specific installation that reveals cryptic pictures of distress in the form of semaphore signals, international maritime flags, Morse code, and color-coded poems. Over two months, the gallery will be constructed and deconstructed, encoded and decoded with an interlacing of official and personal systems of communication, in which color, geometry, and space create and obscure messages as conveyers of alarm.

Our Visiting Artists & Scholars Talks bring together artists, writers, poets, and thinkers:

September 7, 6:30pm
Bob Nickas and Robert Slifkin
On the works of Alan Shields.

September 14, 6:30pm
Kim Faler
On her exhibition in the Project Room

September 25, 6:30pm
Sudarshan Shetty
In conjunction with Pizzuti Collection’s Visions from India

September 28, 6:30pm
Boris Groys
On Russian Cosmism, the 20th-century philosophical movement

September 30, 8pm
Cartoon Crossroads Columbus
Kelly Sue DeConnick, Nilah Magruder, and Ann Nocenti

In collaboration with the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Museum of Art, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, and Columbus Metropolitan Library

October 19, 6:30pm
Kent Lambert: In the Public Domain
Screening by the artist and musician of the Chicago-based ensemble Roommate

November 9, 4:30pm
The Poet’s Life: A Reading & Film Screening
Screening of A Late Style of Fire, on the life of Larry Levis. Poet David St. John and filmmakers Michele Poulos and Gregory Donovan in conversation

November 16, 6:30pm
Suzanne Silver
On her exhibition in the Project Room

CCAD Graduate Studies Talks take place at Beeler Gallery at 6:30pm:

Nate Ricciuto, September 15
Rodrigo Valenzuela, September 19
Sarah Rose Sharp, October 5
Malcolm Cochran, November 3
Cara Benedetto, December 1

About Beeler Gallery
Beeler Gallery, established as a contemporary art space at Columbus College of Art & Design, is an active site for contemporary art practices and contingent fields. With an experimental public programming of exhibitions, commissions, performances, residencies, workshops, lectures, conversations, and screenings, it is dedicated to enlarging and rethinking the unique role of a gallery within the context of a school of art and design, as a multi-dimensional site for learning and the production of knowledge. Beeler Gallery features a 6,000-square-foot exhibition space with a 99-seat screening room, and hosts the annual MFA and BFA thesis exhibitions.

All events are free and open to the public.

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