October 3, 2017

Ateliers des horizons—multidisciplinary training program in arts & societies

MAGASIN des horizons - Centre national d'arts et de cultures

Mariano Peccinetti, Los amantes.

Ateliers des horizons is a professional multidisciplinary training program provided by MAGASIN des horizons - National Center for Arts and Cultures, Grenoble (France).

Fostering a reflection on social changes, evolving professional practices and political challenges faced by the cultural, social and educational sectors, the Ateliers des horizons training program uses cross-disciplinary tools from humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, visual arts and performative arts.

Open to all, the Ateliers des horizons yearly program is:
–A forum for thinking and multidisciplinary proposals
–A principle of collaborative training
–A balance between bodily practice and theory
–A program focused on 3 main areas: Knowledge and transmission / Bodies under surveillance / Collective projects

Ateliers des horizons consists of 900 hours of training annually (450 one-site hours at MAGASIN des horizons in Grenoble, France / 450 distance learning hours). The training program Ateliers des horizons requires that the participants have curious minds, be active in their discipline and/or autodidacts, and that they be willing to share their research and experience with members of the group as well as the general public in Grenoble. Required skills are: autonomy, writing and reading skills necessary for distance learning. The working languages are French and English, but other languages may also be used.

More information on the Ateliers des horizons training program and schedule here.

The call for applications for the year 2018–19 is now open!
Application material is due by Sunday, October 15, 2017.
For more information on how to apply, and to download the application form, click here, or write to ateliers [​at​]

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