April 30, 2018

MFA Fine Arts thesis exhibition
Tactics, Works, Terms, Forms, Statements

School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Alicia Smith, Descent Into Mictlan, 2018. Video, 6:07 minutes.

Tactics, Works, Terms, Forms, Statements presents thesis projects by the graduating students in the SVA MFA Fine Arts program, exhibited at 371 Broadway in Tribeca. The culmination of two years of work, research, and collaboration, the exhibition brings together 27 artists from 13 countries.

Before everything else, art school—a place where knowledge is produced and common threads are constructed—is a commitment to time. Every day, artists share conversations, thoughts, materials, labor, space and even meals. With this in mind, the exhibition is conceptualized as the seven days in a week. Each section of the exhibition is a marker of time, organized according to mythological and cultural readings of the days of the week. The included works span a multitude of genres and concerns, and make visible the complex and nuanced circulation of ideas that have collectively informed them during the past 84 weeks of the program.

The exhibition includes work by Sanjina Azad, Mengfan Bai, Élan Cadiz, Anthony Cady, Franklin Cain-Borgers, Rina AC Dweck, Jing Han, Saya Hanawa, Victoria Healy, Jasmine Huang, Hasita Kamlesh, Michel Karsouny, Shohei Kondo, Isabel Llaguno, Jasmine Lee, Jihyun Lee, Juna Lee, Pedro Mesa Lievano, Anh Thuy Nguyen, Sabrina Puppin, Henry Sekimotto, Alicia Smith, Roberto Vega, Regina Viqueira, Hanna Washburn, Jamele Wright, Sr., and Josh M.G. Yates.

Tactics, Works, Terms, Forms, Statements is organized by Kari Conte, Director of Programs and Exhibitions, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) with Alison Kuo, program coordinator, SVA MFA Fine Arts department.

Daily open hours are 12-8pm. On May 12 from 5-8pm a closing program will feature a curator and artist-led exhibition walkthrough with Pedro Mesa Lievano, Josh M.G. Yates, Rina AC Dweck, Jihyun Lee, Hanna Washburn, Anh Thuy Nguyen and Sabrina Puppin, as well as performances by Franklin Cain-Borgers, Victoria Healy, Michel Karsouny and Shohei Kondo, Henry Sekimotto and Regina Viqueira.

About SVA MFA Fine Arts
The MFA Fine Arts program reflects the diversity of New York’s many art worlds. Together, the faculty and students form a community of established and emerging artists from many backgrounds who work across disciplines and modes of practice. Our main goals are to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which students can thrive and develop as artists, to foster rigorous critical engagement with contemporary art and other cultural forms, and to produce an ongoing conversation, through work as much as through words, about what we make, how we make it and why.

The MFA Fine Arts program attracts ambitious emerging artists from many countries and backgrounds. In their commitment to art, and to one another, they provide a foundation for artistic growth that extends beyond graduation and forms an ongoing platform of professional support.

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