August 17, 2017

Global exhibition program and call for proposals

Project Anywhere

Chris Wood, Walking With Satellites, 2016–17. Photo & design: Chris Wood. © 2016.

Project Anywhere is a global peer reviewed exhibition program dedicated to promoting art and artistic research at the outermost limits of location-specificity. Since its inception in 2012, it has hosted between four and eight projects annually. Although descriptions and images of hosted projects are featured on our website, Project Anywhere is not an online exhibition space. It is instead a vehicle for pointing to artistic projects anywhere and elsewhere in space and time. It is perhaps best imagined as an expanded exhibition space comprising the entire globe, and in which the role of curator is replaced with a blind peer evaluation model.

2017 global exhibition program
A Place in Europe (Cecilia Parsberg, Erik Pauser, Anna Westberg and Detail Group)
New Hypothetical Continents (Benjamin Matthews)
Walking with Satellites (Chris Wood)
Views from Paradise (Amber Eve Anderson)
Typographic Landscape Ecologies: Alameda, California, USA (Joshua Singer)
On Drawing (Ana Mendes)
#exstrange (Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak, curators)
Ris Publica (Jessica Winton)

2018 call for proposals
Project Anywhere’s evaluation criteria stress that all proposals must make a clear and compelling case for the proposed project’s potential to contribute to knowledge in an identified field of creative practice. It is also expected that all proposals identify relevant literature and related artistic precedents. Projects can be speculative or discursive in nature, and may extend or contradict existing methodologies. All proposals received by Project Anywhere are reviewed by 4 artist academics of international standing. Consequently, all applicants receive a comprehensive compilation of feedback for future consideration.

Deadline for proposal submissions for the 2018 program is September 1, 2017.

Please read our proposal guidelines and evaluation criteria carefully before submitting a proposal.

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