September 14, 2017

Seeking Professor of Fine Art specialising in art history and art theory

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design

Joran Stamatakakos (MFA), Remain, 2017.

The aim of the programme is to give students the in-depth theoretical and practical skills needed to develop an independent, relevant and contemporary artistry. The student should be able to critically reflect on the cultural, philosophical, historical and socio-political context that they create or choose to operate in.

In addition to these goals the programme should aim to: discuss and develop the role of the artist in society; prepare students for working as a professional artist in Sweden, as well as internationally; promote interdisciplinary collaborations and exchanges of knowledge; create a study environment characterised by artistic pluralism, diversity and a gender perspective; have student influence characterise the entire programme, formally as well as practically; develop the artistic research environment.

The Professor’s duties include: having overall responsibility for the contents of the programme; contributing to the development of the subject in its area; developing and holding courses within the subject area; supervision and examination at the department’s programmes; being part of a working group responsible for the bachelor or master’s programme; supervising a group of students; contributing to the development of Konstfack’s research environment.

The position
The position encompasses 50 per cent of a full-time post for no longer than five years, with the option of renewing for a maximum of another five years. Our goal is to be an equal workplace, with equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for all employees. Duties to begin as soon as possible.

The following qualifications are required to be appointed Professor of Fine Art: demonstrated both artistic skills and teaching skills. The assessment of teaching skills shall be as exacting as the assessment of artistic expertise; specific expertise in the field that the position concerns; completed university teacher training or in some other way acquired equivalent skills. An applicant who in all other respects is considered qualified but who lacks the teacher training, must pass that course (7.5 higher education credits) and acquire the missing qualifications no later than two years after the start of their appointment (Konstfack’s Appointments Procedure).

Head of Department Gunilla Muhr can be contacted for further information. HR Administrator Malin Rengby can be contacted for general terms of employment and questions about the appointments procedure. These persons as well as union representatives can be reached through the Konstfack switchboard, 08-450 41 00.

Konstfack is Sweden’s largest university college of art and design, with approximately 900 students and 200 employees. We offer study programmes at bachelor’s and master’s level in fine art, crafts, design and teacher training. The majority of our teachers are part-time employees and also undertake their own artistic practice alongside their teaching.

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