April 6, 2005

Radiodays – project on the air at De Appel, Amsterdam

De Appel
Radiodays – Project on the air

Live broadcast from Tuesday to Sunday 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Stichting De Appel, Amsterdam, on and 107.4 FM in and around Amsterdam, (digital press release and images available to download)


Laurent Grasso in collaboration with Pascal Grasso

Radio Color Studio, 2005

What happens when viewers become listeners?

Radiodays is a temporary radio station. Realizing a ‘listening exhibition’ rethinks ways of art presentation. By using an auditive format, artistic works are presented successively within a space rather than simultaneously: they appear, disappear and reoccur. The choice of using the medium radio at the same time attempts to give a voice to an actual concern towards the auditorial found in many works by visual artists.

Radio and its non-visual message offers creative resistance to the retinal spectacle that surrounds us. It has been said that radio is dying. But one could also say that radio is highly topical: an old, nostalgic means of communication, a pre-modern dream, a modernistic reality, a strong tool for connecting people, for bridging distances. With its outdated technological capacity and low-fi communicational power, radio is distinct from other high-tech and high-speed commercialized mediums. Advertisements, billboards, TV culture, and big screens on the street are also part of retinal consumption. Looking is a way to experience the omnipotence of the “society of spectacle”. Closing one’s eyes is becoming an act of civil disobedience.

Artists and theorists are invited to produce new works, lend existing works or interpret them specifically for the radio broadcast. The project wants to investigate the relationship between listening and imagining, and is about processes of translation. Broadcasted live from De Appel, the exhibited works are not limited to the physical building. Art can be enjoyed in private surroundings rather than only within the physical exhibition space.

Thus, the exhibition space is considered as the base for live debates and (inter)action. This radio “showroom” will act as a driving force to materialize an audience. By treating radio as an alternative space, we open many others: a medium-specific space for medium-specific art, a space for interactivity, a cooperative space, a space for discussion, and a space for negotiation. During Radiodays every listener can transform into a dynamic and transformative carrier, a conceptual space of possibility and experimentation. As a non-material medium, radio brings a new potential to participants and audience by immediately bridging distances. Referring to the successive way of presentation – like in a movie theatre – Radiodays can be seen as a “cinema for the ears”. What do we see when we listen to the work?

With works, walks and talks participating in Radiodays: Saadane Afif; Boris Achour; Stella d’Ailly; AGF; Michiel Alberts; Das Arts; Dave Allen; Association Apsolutno; ARC / Musee d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris; Micol Assael & Sergei Bugaev; B92; Avanto Festival; Tiers Bakker; Justin Beal; James Beckett; Guy van Belle; Louidgi Beltrame; Otto Berchem; Frederique Bergholz; Francesco Bernardelli; Davide Bertocchi; Rachel Berwick; Johanna Billing; Daniel Birnbaum; BikVanDerPol; Christophe Boutin & Eric Debris; Saskia Bos; Lise Brenner / Colin McLean; Joris Brouwers; Maria Barnas & Nathalie Bruys; Building Transmissions; Susanne Burner; Sophie Calle; Leontine Coelewij; Keren Cytter; Jeremiah Day; Jeremy Deller; Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost; Ann Demeester; Dispatch; Stephan Dillemuth; Branislav Dimitrijevic; Nico Dockx; Maria Hlavajova; Georges Didi-Huberman; Wilfried Huet; Angela Detanico & Raphael Lain; the doorman of Salon the Fleurus, NY; Anne Dressen; Zoran Eric; Tanja Elstgeest; Vladimir Jeric; Ninoslav Jovanovic; Bojan Fajfric; Annie Fletcher; Nina Folkersma; Johannes Fricke-Waldthausen; Adriana Garcia Galan; gelbe MUSIK / Ursula Block; Klaas van Gorkum; Grasso and Grasso; Krist Gruythuysen; Jenny Gronvall; Hiekelien van den Herik & Bauke van der Wal; Derek Holzer & Sara Kolster; Judith Hopf / Frauke Gust; Xander Karskens; Paul Keller; Raul Keller; Zoran Kesic; Karooshi; Suchan Kinoshita; Ki wa; Tobias Klein; Erik Kluitenberg; Meinrad Kneer; Germaine Koh; Kunstlerhaus Bethanien; Patricia Werner Leanse; Torsten Lauschmann; Jean-Yves Leloup & Jean-Philippe Renoult; Dominique Leroy; Gabriel Lester; Veenfabriek Leiden; LIGNA; Brett Littman; Geert Lovink; Andres Loo; Su Mei Tse; Lucy McKenzie / Paulina Olowska; Tom McCarthy; Marshall McLuhan; Oswaldo Macia; Marcell Mars; Meta Haven: Sealand Identity Project; Laurent Montaron; Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen; Anton Nikkila; Hans Ulrich Obrist; Jonas Ohlsson; Boris Ondreicka; On Kawara; Artis Orbus; Wim Peters; Sarah Pierce; Francois Piron; Kate Pocrass; Oda Projesi/Bookstr.; Jakob Proyer; Radioartemobile; Radio Radio / Mel Brimfield & Dave Greenfield; Willem de Ridder; David Riff; Radiobio; Radio Monalisa; Nienke Rooijakker; Jean-Christophe Royoux; Sebastien Roux & Sogar / Jurgen Heckel; Arno van Roosmalen; Domeniek Ruyters; Julika Rudelius; Paul Sakoilsky; Students of the Reigersbos Scholen Gemeenschap; SUB; Fia Stina Sandlund; Jerome Sans; Basak Senova; Seth Siegelaub; Julian Schaff; Henk Slager; Lisette Smits; TAG; Samon Takahashi; Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi; Theo Tegelaers; Rirkrit Tiravanija; Rasa Todosijevic; Caecilia Tripp; TSAPLYA;; Vacarme; Vanabbemuseum, Eindhoven; Gabriela Vanga; Version; Anton Vidokle; WhW; Richard Widerberg; WORMradio; WPS1; Jun Yang; Katarina Zdjelar; Artur Zmijewski.

The participants of the Curatorial Training Programme 2004/2005 are Rael Artel (Estonia), Kathrin Jentjens (Germany), Claire Staebler (France), Jelena Vesic (Serbia & Montenegro), Huib Haye van der Werf (Netherlands), and Veronica Wiman (Sweden).

Radiodays is supported by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Municipality of Amsterdam; Mondriaan Foundation; The Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation; ECF: S.T.E.P Beyond; Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam; Institut Francais des Pays-Bas / Antenne de La Haye; De Waag Society; Steim; Maison Descartes, Amsterdam; Smart Project Space; IASPIS; Anything is Possible; Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia; Lloyd Hotel; Apple Centre MacHouse, Amsterdam; Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art de Bourges; MTS – Audio Visueel.

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