April 15, 2005

Centennial College Launches New ART & DESIGN Programs

Centennial College

Toronto, April, 2005 — Building on its strong industry reputation as a progressive and career-focused destination for emerging art and design professionals, Centennial College is launching two new programs this fall opening up new career paths in Canada.

In September 2005, Centennial College, in Toronto, Canada, will launch the Fine Art Studio and Graphic Media Design programs at the Centre for Creative Communications, Centennial’s award-winning and state-of-the-art media and communications arts campus in mid-town Toronto. The new study options will provide new career path options for Art and Design Foundation Studies graduates, in addition to external applicants.

“Having learned the fundamentals, our art and design students can enhance their skills and prepare for a successful career under our roof, rather than having to move on to other schools,” says Nate Horowitz, Dean of the School of Communication Arts. “There soon will no longer be a studio-style fine art program in Toronto that emphasizes drawing, painting and sculpting skills in a public college. With these two programs, we will correct that omission.”

The four-semester Fine Art Studio program emphasizes contemporary figurative and objective drawing, painting and 3D modeling skills. Graduates will have a portfolio of work in a number of media, and will be qualified to seek commercial work or become self-employed as an artist.

The five-semester Graphic Media Design program prepares students for careers in the multifaceted commercial design industry. The curriculum also includes motion design skills, project management and multimedia fundamentals with a full-time field placement in the design industry.

Both programs provide intensive hands-on art learning experiences. Applicants are expected to have some art and design experience, which may include Centennial’s Art and Design Foundation Studies program, secondary school art courses or self-learned experience. A portfolio is also required.

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