November 10, 2006

Demonstrationsraum: The Students’ Presentation Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Vien

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The Students’ Presentation Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Drive by | Björn Kämmerer

10. – 17. 11. 2006

Schöne gelbe Farbe | Kathi Hofer

29. 11. – 01. 12. 2006

Johann Lurf

10. – 12.01.2007

Architecture projectgroup Spath

30.01. – 02.02.2007

Concept: Eva Maria Stadler, Curator-in-residence since summer term 2006

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Schillerplatz 3 | Aula 1010 Vienna

Phone ( 43 1) 588 16-0 |

In the winter term 06|07, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna starts a new exhibition series with its Presentation Space (Demonstrationsraum). The plan to develop this series arose from the consideration to offer students the possibility for a more intense cooperation with a curator beyond the »curatorial project« or former annual exhibition. A curator-in-residence, who will be appointed annually, will invite the students to evolve, realize, present, and discuss their ideas and concepts. Situated at the interface between academic studies and exhibition practice, the series will provide students with a space of their own and confront them with a larger public at the same time.

Relating to El Lissitzky’s spatial experiments, the Viennese Presentation Space springs from the tradition of modernist exhibition space concepts. In addition, references to the spatial interdependence of artwork and viewer, not least informed by the history of the White Cube, outline the institutional field. An exhibition space at an academy of art is subject to specific conditions: it is neither part of the art market and its galleries nor part of the world of public museums and kunsthalle institutions. The Presentation Space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna rather offers a platform for discursive artwork. The exhibition box serves as a module to be linked with different kind of discourses.

With the Presentation Space (Demonstrationsraum), a mobile exhibition architecture is installed in the auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: this space within a space is a display unit that was designed by assistants and students of the sculpture departments Bonvicini, Pernice and Zobernig for their own activities in the studio spaces in Kurzbauergasse. Paul Arthur Linner has adapted the exhibition box for the auditorium on Schillerplatz and developed a flexible framework that can be easily dismantled and installed within a short time. While the base is a rectangle measuring 5 times 3 meters, wall and ceiling elements in different materials can be put in as required.

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