May 7, 2007

Demonstrationsraum: The Students’ Presentation Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Vien

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

THE PROJECT | Christian Doby, Sabine Galtberger, Silke Huala, Darina Kamaeova, Eva Kirchmayer, Susi Krautgartner, Iris Laner, Katrin Schützenhofer, Marlies Tauber, Anne Zwina

9 – 11 May 2007

The lucid clarity of chopped situations |

Imre Nagy

16 – 18 May 2007

Concept: Eva Maria Stadler, Curator-in-residence since summer term 2006

In the winter term 06|07, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has started a new exhibition series with its Presentation Space (Demonstrationsraum). The plan to develop this series arose from the consideration to offer students the possibility for a more intense cooperation with a curator beyond the »curatorial project« or former annual exhibition. A curator-in-residence, who will be appointed annually, will invite the students to evolve, realize, present, and discuss their ideas and concepts. Situated at the interface between academic studies and exhibition practice, the series will provide students with a space of their own and confront them with a larger public at the same time.

THE PROJECT | 9 – 11 May 2007

THE PROJECT is a model-like structure of educational practice, teaching, and artistic production. It is based on a student-teacher situation, with the seminar participants’ different working methods constituting the foundation for the analysis of their work and the development of a method of communication. The conflicting components within the institutional field and outside it serve as catalysts.

THE PROJECT is both a venture and a plan: reflections focus on both its conditions and the possibilities connected with this organizational form. Beatrice von Bismarck underlines the resistant dimensions of project work characterized by new formations of discursive spaces, disciplinary hybridity, and the fugitiveness of the resulting working associations. She regards the combination of practicing and performing procedures as a performative potential which outlines an artistic working concept encompassing self-organization, networking, and self-positioning.

The lucid clarity of chopped situations | 16 – 18 May 2007

Concentration, contemplation, and meditation form the basis of Imre Nagy’s spatial projects. He speaks of spaces for coming to terms with life. Starting point for his series of spaces that spread across a long table is the photograph of a closed volume. Rationally comprehensible constructions turn into open structures, become insecure – instable because of a change of materials or the shifting of spatial relationships.

Imre Nagy develops his spaces; as in texts where one word leads to another, his elements obey a specific grammar and unfold readable textures. They reveal cycles of motion which are analyzed and captured in paper models. It is only a small number of symbols which relate to something, unfolding the backdrop for a story about protagonists in a social realm. Oswald Wiener’s “the improvement of central Europe. a novel,” the title of which Nagy quotes, constitutes the level where language and space deconstruction overlap.

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