July 23, 2008

Second international conference on Image Science in Goettweig

Danube University
Donau-Universität Krems

Never before has the world of images changed so fast and the way images are produced transformed so drastically as in recent times. Second Life, Micromovies, Flickr, Virtual Reality, YouTube, Visual Music, Scientific Visualisation, Google Earth etc. are keywords standing for a multitude of new possibilities for individual producing, projecting and distributing of visual material.

The images’ historical development between innovation, reflection and iconoclasm reaches a new level of global complexity in the 21st century. These transformations have hit society to a large extent unprepared. Nevertheless we have to recognize that we will not be able to handle the knowledge burst of our time without further development of new forms of visualization and “orders of visibility”.

What inspiration do these new worlds of images gain from art? What influence does the medium have on the iconic character of the image? What chances and challenges do image dealers and museums face with the “liquidity” of the image?

Together with international colleagues from science and art and keynotes by Felice FRANKEL (Harvard University, MIT), Barbara STAFFORD (Chicago) and Peter WEIBEL (ZKM) the conference will discuss the inventory, classification and historiography of the recent worlds of images concerning the worlds of art, popular culture and science.

The lectures and discussions will cover the following topics:




Lectures among others by: Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise ANGERER, KHM; Dr. Elize BISANZ, University Lueneburg; Prof. Dr. Oliver GRAU, Danube University; Dr. Stefan HEIDENREICH, Humboldt-University Berlin; Mag. Jan HENSELDER, Berlin; Dr. Susanne HOLSCHBACH, HGB Leipzig; Dr. Harald KRAEMER, University Bern; Prof. Dr. Ann-Sophie LEHMANN, University Utrecht; Mag. Katja MAYER, University Vienna; Prof. Michael NAIMARK, University of Southern California; Michael NAIJAR, Berlin; Tim Otto ROTH, Koeln; Susanne SCHUMACHER MA, University Zuerich; Dr. David STEINMAN, University of Toronto; Dr. Dolores STEINMAN, University of Toronto; Prof. Dr. Nicolay VAN DER MEULEN, University Basel; Dr. Ingeborg REICHLE, BBAW Berlin; PD Dr. Martin SCHULZ, HfG Karlsruhe.

At the same time an exhibition of scholarly POSTERS chosen by a jury from the international call with applicants from 19 countries is taking place at the DIS.

Information and registration:

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The DEPARTMENT FOR IMAGE SCIENCE is situated in the Goettweig Monastery in the UNESCO World Heritage Wachau near Vienna.

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ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS of the Department for Image Science (DIS)

Mag. Carl AIGNER (St. Poelten), Prof. Dr. Brigitte FELDERER (Vienna), Prof. Dr. Felice FRANKEL (Boston), Dr. Harald KRAEMER (Bern), Prof. Dr. Goetz POCHAT (Graz), Prof. Dr. Wolf SINGER (Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Christa SOMMERER (Linz); Prof. Dr. Wolfgang WELSCH (Jena)

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