January 16, 2009

Thomas Torres Cordova at The Amie and Tony James Gallery

The James Gallery at CUNY Graduate Center

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

The Amie and Tony James Gallery

Tues – Fri 12-8PM
Sat – Sun 12-6PM

OCTOBER 2, 2008 – FEBRUARY 28, 2009

People “Weekly,” the inaugural exhibition of the CUNY Graduate Center’s Amie and Tony James Gallery, is a sequential group show comprising six specially commissioned artist projects and a small “exhibition-within-the exhibition” curated by gallery director, Linda Norden.

Thomas Torres Cordova’s “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” an exhibition and film essay on air conditioning originally conceived as part of his Bard College MFA thesis exhibition, reconstructs a personal narrative around this ubiquitous, electrically fueled cooling device. The central installation, “I wish you could color correct my films for the rest of my life,” is a very literal demonstration of the benefits of those magnificent machines and the over-heated hallucinatory visions that an air conditioned culture leaves in its wake.


Barbara Kruger, Untitled
October 2 – February 28, 2009
(window installations)

Thomas Torres Cordova, Everybody Loves the Sunshine, 2009

(Reception and Cinema Screening, Wednesday January 21, 6–9 PM
“Everybody Loves the Sunshine”, DVD projection narrated by Thomas Torres Cordova; Live sound by Woody “Uncle Woody” Sullender, 7 PM)

February 11-February 28, 2009
Yunhee Min, For instance
(Reception, February 19, 6-8PM)

People “Weekly”

Barbara Kruger Untitled
October 2 – February 28
(window installations)

Yunhee Min, For instance
October 2 – November 30

What You Wish For
October 8 – 22
Barbara Kruger, Justice, 1997
Rachel Mason, My Cabinet, 2004–ongoing
William Pope.L, One Substance, Eight Supports,
One Situation, 2008
BIN (Version 2), 2008
Art Spiegelman, Breakdowns, 2008
Meredith James and Jacques Louis Ramon Vidal, True Stories, 2008
William Klein, In and Out of Fashion, 1998

Linda Pollack, Habeas Lounge
October 29 – November 6
(with Rachel Mason, My Cabinet )

Lucien Castaing-Taylor, with Lisa Barbash &Ernst Karel, Sheep Rushes, 2000-8
November 15 – November 30)

Daniel Joseph Martinez, the west bank is missing, i am not dead, am i, 2008
December 11 – January 4, 2009

Thomas Torres Cordova, Everybody Loves the Sunshine, 2007
January 17 – January 31, 2009
(Reception and Cinema Screening January 21, 6-9PM)

Yunhee Min, For instance
February 11-February 28, 2009
(Reception, February 19, 6-8PM)

Photo: Thomas Torres Cordova

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