April 27, 2009

Demonstrationsraum: The Students’ Presentation Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Shiftings | Robert Bodnar
13 – 15 May 2009

The utopia of a collective art |
The “Art in Public Space” Group
20 – 22 May 2009

Curator-in-residence 08|09 | Elsy Lahner

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3 | Exhibition Space
1010 Vienna | Austria
Phone +43 (1) 588 16-0
[email protected]

In the winter term 06|07, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has started a new exhibition series with its Presentation Space (Demonstrationsraum). The plan to develop this series arose from the consideration to offer students the possibility for a more intense cooperation with a curator beyond the »curatorial project« or former annual exhibition. A curator-in-residence, who will be appointed annually, will invite the students to evolve, realize, present, and discuss their ideas and concepts. Situated at the interface between academic studies and exhibition practice, the series will provide students with a space of their own and confront them with a larger public at the same time.

A university with a highway running through it |
Adriana Banka, Andrea Barth, Patrick Hammer, David Harris, Anders Hjortenberg Jelstrup, Pia Spiesberger, Crystal Tang

“a university with a highway running through it” has also been the title under which various projects were pursued at the Institute for Art and Architecture during the last winter semester. Based on an analysis of use, the historically developed area around the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with its infrastructural and architectonic elements from various epochs was critically explored. The individual models and strategies are now presented in the form of an exhibition in the Demonstrationsraum under curatorial aspects.

Shiftings | Robert Bodnar

Robert Bodnar’s work questions man’s perception of reality and his reliance on technological apparatuses that supposedly grant objectivity. Its genesis is based on research, theoretical discursive considerations, experimental approaches, consolidated aesthetics, conceptualizations, film, architecture, metaphysics, media theory, pataphysics, science, and human relations. His works are located along the boundaries between abstraction and indexicality, where photography begins to merge into other media.

The utopia of a collective art | The “Art in Public Space” Group

Taking the Demonstrationsraum as an institutional exhibition space within an art academy as its starting point, the group presentation investigates the conditions of use and the general set-up of public space. It focuses on questions concerning the interaction of artistic works and available space, the role of space as an interface between inside and outside, and on which referential models may be explored in regard to their validity on these grounds.

Participants: Sabine Gangnus, Daniel Hafner, Bernd Hofbauer, Bettina Kattinger, Sarah Kienpointner, Thomas Lehner, Nadine Lemke, René Stessl, Arthur Summereder, Michael Suszynski, Ulrike Wagendorfer

Image above:
Pia Spiesberger, a third way, 2009
Photograph: Crystal Tang

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