June 29, 2009

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) presents Open Door Days / Degree Shows 2009

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)

This is the highlight of the Academy’s event calendar, showcasing great works by our undergraduate and postgraduate students such as video art, experimental film, photography, sound, feature and documentary film, animation film, experimental informatics, performance, painting, sculpture, hybrid space, scenography and design as well as their transdisciplinary relationships.

Traditionally, all events, exhibitions and film programmes take place at the many different sites around the Academy of Media Arts and at the nearby Trinitatis church. The video and film screenings at Aula include current productions and diploma works from 2008/09.

The Open Door Days will be accompanied by concerts, live performances, presentations, guided tours and – last but not least – the legendary Arty Party organised by ASTA.

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