December 4, 2009

School of Visual Arts, MFA Photography Video & Related Media: Call for Applications

School of Visual Arts (SVA)
David Todd
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For serious lens-based artists the MFA Photography, Video & Related Media Department offers:
• Wide range of courses in traditional and digital photography, video and computer based art
• Knowledge of technology, history, criticism and professional practice for success in a competitive world
• Faculty, lecturers and mentors chosen from the rich pool of New York City’s art world will inform your studies and become your network

The MFA Photography, Video & Related Media Department is dedicated to the creative practice of the lens-based arts. Noted as a top-tier program in U.S. News & World Report, our educational goals attract fine art students with diverse backgrounds from all corners of the world. Whether in documentary video, tableau photography, installation and conceptual art, or real-world-witness photography, the department’s renowned faculty actively engages students in contemporary and responsible creative initiatives. Our wide range of courses, personalized attention and expansive curriculum allows each student to understand the technology, history, criticism and professional practices for success in a competitive world. From the traditional practices of photography and the moving image to the virtual realm of the circuit, we offer students the opportunity to pursue their specific interests with intense fundamental critique. Our program also includes a three-year option for non-fine arts baccalaureates needing additional courses to strengthen their studio work in order to matriculate into the two-year degree program.

Suzanne Anker
Shimon Attie
Jan Avgikos
Kiki Bauer
Matthew Baum
Jennifer Blessing
Robert Bowen
Ed Bowes
Chris Callis
Elinor Carucci
Sarah Charlesworth
Nancy Davenport
Liz Deschenes
Beatrice Gross
Marvin Heiferman
Stephen Jablonsky
Michelle Leftheris
Richard Leslie
Paola Mieli
Andrew Moore
Brian Palmer
Mary Paterno
Philip Perkis
Gus Powell
Nick Prior
Jennifer Reeves
Lyle Rexer
David Ross
Collier Schorr
Caroline Shepard
Amresh Sinha
Mark Stafford
Amy Taubin
Charles Traub
Penelope Umbrico
Oliver Wasow
Grahame Weinbren
Jeff Weiss
Randy West
Silvio Wolf
Christina Yang
Bonnie Yochelson

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