December 17, 2009

CalArts: Call for Graduate Applications

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
MFA Program in ArtMFA Graphic Design

MFA Photography and Media – The program in Photography and Media is committed to educating independent artists in a world where photographic imagery and new media representations and strategies are omnipresent. Graduate courses are designed to challenge conventional notions of artistic practice and to question the position of representation within contemporary culture. Debate and experimentation are encouraged, since little is stable or even comfortable in photography’s relation to the other arts, in an environment that includes so many new practices. CalArts supports a broad range of those practices, from purely photographic to entirely digital, from writing and publishing, video and filmmaking, to assemblage, net art, digital media and installation.

MFA Art and Technology – The School of Art’s newest MFA program enables students to pursue the critical and creative issues that arise in art practices employing the use of new technologies. Students will be encouraged to pursue work that crosses traditional mediums; enabling the incorporation of art and technology with other disciplines such as science and socially networked practices. The challenge is to explore new technologies while developing a critical point of view regarding the social and political aspects of contemporary culture and the role that technology plays within it.

CalArts is internationally renowned as one of the leading and most innovative centers for graduate study in the performing and visual arts and in the critical study of these arts. As proud bearers of this tradition of artistic and academic excellence, we are committed to providing an environment for creative experimentation, critical reflection, the diversity of voices, and the resources and support necessary for our intimate community of students and faculty to stretch and reach beyond themselves and their disciplines to new heights of art making and thinking. To advance the exploration of new forms and expressions, CalArts urges collaboration and reciprocity among artists, artistic disciplines and cultural traditions – both on campus and in ongoing engagement with communities near and far.

Information about CalArts is available on our website:

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Why CalArts?

CalArts MFA programs were ranked among the top ten in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in its “Best Graduate Schools” edition, released March 26, 2008. This ranking was based “solely on the results of a peer assessment survey of art school deans [asked to] rate the academic quality of programs” at 220 colleges and universities, according to the magazine.

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