January 15, 2010

Cultures of the Curatorial

Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

Over the past twenty years the curatorial has then yet again gained in social relevance. Located within the cultural realm it betrays a number of characteristics, which allow for its social and economic importance particularly within the service and information sector. Consequences were in a first instance the competency demands for those working in this realm which have considerably grown in quantity and complexity. The globalizing of exhibiting activities, the continuously growing numbers of visitors connected with it, the increased mobility of people, objects and information, the new relevance of culture for regional economic development as well as the economically oriented restructuring of cultural politics mark some of the most important conditions of this development.

Furthermore the curatorial plays a decisive role within the contemporary de-limitation of the arts, for the changing notion of artistic work and competency as well as for the current social status of artists. In this context it developed model functions for the economic field with respect for example to creative industries, tourist economics and the transition to flexible working conditions. However, in this same context there also developed strategies and techniques unfolding the critical potential of the curatorial to question the social, economic and cultural effects of globalization and neo-liberalism in a specific way.

The conference pursues these various current practices and formats of the curatorial and their societal perspectives. It integrates different artistic and academic disciplines and professions, – visual arts, dance, theater, film and music – which touch, intersect, complement but also compete with one another. Additionally it focuses on the similarities, differences and reciprocities of socially, economically, ethnically, regionally or nationally defined curatorial cultures and inquires about the respective conditions. The aim is to mark the field within which the actual societal relevance of the curatorial as a form of experience, cognition and knowledge emerges with its aesthetic, social and political perspectives.

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Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst/ Academy of Visual Arts
Wächterstr. 11
04107 Leipzig

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