January 22, 2010

The University of the Arts in Philadelphia: Call for Applications

University of the Arts Philadelphia
The University of the Arts Graduate Programs Now Accepting Applications for 2010-2011 Admission

The University of the Arts
Office of Admission – Graduate Division
320 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-9762

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 215-717-6049
Toll Free: 800-616-ARTS
Fax: 215-717-6045

The University of the Arts

The University of the Arts is devoted exclusively to education and training in the arts. Within this community of artists, the process of learning engages, refines and articulates all of our creative capabilities. Our institution was among the first to contribute to the formation of an American tradition in arts education. We continue to develop interpreters and innovators who influence our dynamic culture.

The arts have the power to transform society. They play an essential role in ensuring and enhancing the quality of life. The University of the Arts is committed to inspiring, educating and preparing innovative artists and creative leaders for the global community of the 21st Century.

The University seeks experienced, intelligent, talented and dedicated graduate students who are willing to connect with and contribute to the University of the Arts experience.

The graduate program admission process is highly selective and class sizes are small. The workload is both intense and rewarding.

During the admission process, our staff will help guide and support you as you seek a higher level of education.

Choosing the Right Graduate Program
Selecting the appropriate graduate program at the right university is a life-altering decision. Our urban campus provides a multi-arts setting that spans the visual, performing and communication arts. Your graduate experience will extend beyond the classrooms and into the city of Philadelphia where residencies, internships, partnerships and performances await.

We look forward to meeting you and providing any assistance you may require as you learn more about graduate life at the University of the Arts.

The University of the Arts Graduate Programs

MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking: Susan Viguers
[email protected] 215-717-6328/6489

MAT in Visual Arts: Susan Rodriguez
[email protected] 215-717-6234

MFA Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture – Low Residency: Joe Girandola
[email protected] 215-717-6106/6489

Master of Industrial Design: Jonas Milder
[email protected] 215-717-6256

MA in Art Education: Susan Rodriguez
[email protected] 215-717-6234


MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning + Design: Polly McKenna-Cress
[email protected] 215-717-6328

MA in Museum Education: Helen Shannon
[email protected] 215-717-6051/6489

MA in Museum Communication: Robert Vosburgh
[email protected] 215-717-6640/6489


MAT in Music Education: Elizabeth Sokolowski
[email protected] 215-717-6356

Master of Music in Jazz Studies: Don Glanden
[email protected] 215-717-6353

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