November 29, 2010

USC announces a new graduate program

USC Roski School of Art and Design

M.A. Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere.

M.A. Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere is a platform for scholarship in contemporary art that uniquely addresses the study of social questions of public space and the public sphere. The program’s two-year interdisciplinary course of study encompasses seminars on curatorial practices and the histories of exhibition; public sphere, social and critical theories; and selected topics in modern and contemporary art history.

Roski’s new M.A. program features a curatorial practicum, conceived as a laboratory for students to collaborate on an exhibition project that explores city-space. In a Master’s thesis, students develop new scholarship in modern and contemporary art and its interpretation in relation to the social conditions of public space and the public sphere. An annual program of guest speakers, Critical Conversations, brings practitioners, scholars, and critics into conversation with students to share developments and critiques of how artists, curators, architects and others engage and theorize the complexities of public space.

Roski graduate faculty include Rhea Anastas, Joshua Decter (Director of the current MPAS program), Lauri Firstenberg, Michael Ned Holte, Karen Moss, Bennett Simpson, Carol Stakenas, Gloria Sutton, and Henry Urbach.

Recent guest speakers (2007-2010) have included:
Vito Acconci, Doug Aitken, Ute Meta Bauer, Mark Bradford, Gregg Bordowitz, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Dan Cameron, Teddy Cruz, Steve Dietz, Mark Dion, Sam Durant, Harrell Fletcher, Andrea Fraser, Rudolf Frieling, Renée Green, Boris Groys, Hou Hanru, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Grant Kester, Norman Klein, Michael Krichman, Miwon Kwon, Maria Lind, Rick Lowe, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Allan McCollum, Antonio Muntadas, Anne Pasternak, Patricia Phillips, Marjetica Potrc, Felicity Scott, Gregory Sholette, Rochelle Steiner, Nato Thompson, John Welchman, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Peter Zellner, Tirdad Zolghadr.

For information on the M.A. Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere program, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at

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