December 8, 2010

Cornell University MFA program: Call for applications

Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP)

• As part of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP), The Department of Art finds context within spatial/urban/architectural theories and practices emerging through rapid globalization and explosive media and technological innovations.

• Students take courses across Cornell, reflecting and developing a broadened understanding of artistic research.

• Each student typically receives a generous scholarship that encourages focus with minimal distraction.

• Each student receives a private studio and access to all college facilities.

• Each student receives a stipend and gains work experience as a teaching assistant.

• Cornell offers the possibility of intensive focus in a pastoral setting, with global integration through multiple university/college/program/museum lecture series, symposia, and colloquia.

• The Herbert Johnson Museum collaborates with the Department and College to bring multiple visiting artists, curators, and writers to campus each semester.

• We hold a yearly group exhibition in New York City with panel discussions, invited curators, and a comprehensive exhibition catalog.

The MFA at Cornell is an opportunity and challenge for artists to create relevant, adaptive, and sustainable practices. Contact us if you are ready to embrace a stimulating art practice committed to the complex, often demanding pleasures of research, labor, and experimentation.

Thank you!

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