January 13, 2011

Oslo Academy of Fine Art: Call for Applications

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

The student’s own artistic work, and a theoretical project linked to this work, form the core of the course. In addition, students can specialise in art theory, painting, photography, sculpture/installation/performance or digital art, focusing on one or a combination of these areas. Emphasis is placed on a cross-disciplinary approach and on active collaboration with both national and international institutions.

The course comprises a combination of self-study, theoretical classes, practical work and research. The Master Degree in Fine Arts consists of three main parts:

1. Theoretical subjects and seminars: the student is actively involved in shaping this part of the course since the theoretical subjects are developed to underpin his/her practical work and chosen area of study for the master thesis.

2. Practical artistic/creative work: the student develops a coherent body of work, which demonstrates independent thinking and conceptual and aesthetic creativity. This part of the course includes studio work, supervision, workshops, exhibitions, shows and presentations. Students are expected to place their work in an international context by actively seeking out related international artistic milieus and by working to develop their contact network.

3. A master thesis based on the student’s artistic project. The subject chosen for the thesis may be linked to the student’s own practical, artistic work or may be a theoretical project of the student’s own choice. An outline of the content of the proposed thesis must be attached to the application. The thesis must demonstrate the ability to apply theory and method to the project under research.

Applicants are required to hold a bachelor degree in fine arts or an equivalent qualification corresponding to 180 credits. Applicants are assessed on the basis of the outline of their proposed thesis, a portfolio of their work, educational qualifications and an interview.

Applications are appraised by a jury whose members come from both inside and outside The Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

The closing date for admissions is 1st of February 2011

If you have questions regarding the study programme, please contact the Departement of Academic Affairs:
[email protected]
Telephone: (+47) 22 99 55 00

Higher education is a top priority in Norway and therefore its educational institutions do not charge tuition, not even for international students.

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