February 10, 2011

Asia Art Archive launches Open Edit: Mobile Library

Asia Art Archive

The first archive project of its kind in Vietnam, where contemporary art is scarcely represented in public libraries, the Mobile Library will showcase a vibrant cross-section of the region’s artistic talent and create an experimental sphere for public participation in the discourse of contemporary art in Asia. AAA hopes that this process of inclusion will challenge the canon established by the traditional intent of the archive—material conservation—and invite new perspectives and meanings.

To activate audience engagement with the material in Open Edit, Sàn Art has worked with local artists and educational organisations to create a series of related programmes, which will encourage visitors to contribute to the ‘editing’ process.

Over the six-week period that Open Edit is presented at Sàn Art, the gallery will act as a kind of organic library, growing over time as the material is edited and site-specific artworks are produced and presented. Please visit the project’s website to see the transformation of the space and other project details.

Asia Art Archive is a non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong, dedicated to documenting the recent history of contemporary art in Asia within an international context. Founded in 2000, AAA is now the most comprehensive collection of research materials in the field and it continues to grow through a systematic programme of research and information gathering. AAA is committed to creating a collection that belongs to the public; the collection is accessible free of charge from AAA’s physical space and searchable from anywhere in the world via its online catalogue. Through public, educational, and residential programmes, AAA instigates critical thinking and dialogue, and generates new ideas and works that continually reshape the Archive itself.

Sàn Art is Vietnam’s most active, independent, artist-initiated, contemporary art space and reading room, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Established in 2007, sponsored in part by the Vietnam Foundation for the Arts, Sàn Art (‘sàn’ meaning ‘platform’) is dedicated to the exchange and cultivation of contemporary art in Vietnam. Supporting the country’s thriving artist community, Sàn Art provides exhibition space and educational programs, facilitating a meeting place for local and international creative engagement and exchange.

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