Malmö Art Academy: Call for applications
Malmö Art Academy
Above: Photo by Kennet Rouna
Above: Photo by Kennet Rouna

Master’s Degree in Fine Arts:

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Application closing date is March 1, 2011

Critical and Pedagogical studies
Malmö Art Academy invites you to apply for Critical and Pedagogical studies, an international post-graduate study programme leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree, aimed at breaking down the barriers between art theory, practice and pedagogy. It brings together a small group of eight, post-graduate students from a BFA or similar background.

More about the programme: The two-year MFA programme seeks to encourage applied thinking within the artistic field, investigating how we might both produce and discuss art, as well as educate. It is organised around inten¬sive seminars led by visiting professors alongside periods for individual, pedagogical and collaborative project development. The programme intends to incite experimentation and initiative, especially within the fields of art production, education, writing and theory. Through the structure of the programme there will be a focus on how we discuss, produce, educate and communicate, which challenges students to be critical of how educational structures operate, both within the programme itself and in relation to an educational practice.

Theory will be viewed as a practice, and practice will be theorised. Key issues are critical thinking, politics of representation, art education and pedagogical strategies. The organisers are looking to involve the participants in developing the programme and its content and will expect creative feedback on its progress. It is intended for participants interested in devising their own study environments alongside the attendance of more structured activities.

The international profile is an important feature of the Academy. It is accentuated by the close proximity to Denmark and mainland Europe, as well as by student exchanges with art academies in other countries. The Academy also benefits from the rich and internationally orientated art life in the region, which has many art galleries, museums and other institutions. Guest lectures from visiting artists and critics as well as various forms of collaborative projects are continuously offered at the Academy.

The application process:
Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or equivalent.

Visit for Application Form and guidelines

Contact information: Malmö Art Academy, Box 17083, SE-200 100 Malmö, Sweden

February 17, 2011