March 8, 2011

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Wisconsin Democratic State Senators go into hiding to prevent Union busting vote.
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International Outcry over probe into Hungarian Philosophers
LSE investigates Gaddafi’s son plagiarism claims
German Defense Minister Guttenberg resigns over thesis
Two Students of Tehran University of Fine Arts killed in Demonstrations
Save celluloid, for art’s sake
Egyptians Treat Wisconsin Protesters to Pizza
Demonstrating What $659 Million in NYU Student Debt Looks
Obama’s 2012 Budget Cuts NEA, NEH Funding by 13%
Algerian Students protest a decree amending the qualifications required to workArtEducation PapersThe Void as Dedication: Proceeding from a Space of Transgression to VenerationMary Heilmann’s Horizon

Recent Papers:

Denise Frimer‘s Pedagogical Paradigms: Documenta’s Reinvention investigates the way in which contemporary art exhibition have contributed to the development of progressive alternative educational institution in. The article examines the history of this international exhibition focusing on various forms of socially engaged artistic practices that draw on the discursive, participatory and collaborative in pedagogical initiatives. Addressing the ways in which education and contemporary artistic practices can challenge the conventional academy and form mediation towards the cultural production of globalization.

Lena Thodoropoulou’s Dealing with a Paradox, considers the creation of unexpected actions in the context of an urban environment. The path that is being followed though is not the one that would lead to the construction of a definition of unexpectedness. Emphasis is placed on the distinction between the creations of unexpected actions as conveyors of instabilities – causing the provocation of basic social structures – and unexpectedness as an element of surprise – incidents or behaviors that do not form part of an individual’s or society’s’ sphere of knowledge. The main purpose is to present unexpectedness as an action that cannot be analyzed as a whole through language, its force laying in the fact that it cannot be captured.

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