October 12, 2011

Parsons Graduate Programs in New York City

Parsons School of Design at The New School

Art and design professionals in the 21st century must navigate a networked global culture. Parsons The New School for Design can prepare you for this rapidly evolving world through cross-disciplinary graduate programs that place advanced studio practice and research at their center.

Master of Architecture (MArch)
Incorporating strong representational training with studies in history, theory, technology, and sustainability, Parsons’ MArch program prepares students to enter the professional architecture community and contribute to the shaping of a constructed world.

MFA Design and Technology
Today’s designer faces two fundamental challenges: the expanding influence of design within society and the growing role of technology within design. The MFA in Design and Technology provides a lively and dynamic environment for students to use design research, processes, applied theory, and writing to address these challenges.

MS Design and Urban Ecologies
Launching in fall 2012, this new program radically reframes the study of cities. Through research and fieldwork, students will gain a broad understanding of the forces that influence urban growth and development. Working in multidisciplinary teams, they will design processes for urban transformation.

MA Design Studies
Drawing on the breadth and depth of expertise in design theory and practice at Parsons, this new master of arts program launching in fall 2012 is an opportunity to explore design as both a field of scholarly research and an agent of social change.

MFA Fashion Design and Society
Both interdisciplinary and international in scope, this academy for advanced studies in fashion design trains a small group of world-class designers. Innovative and progressive, the program offers students the opportunity to make substantive contributions to the field of fashion design.

MA Fashion Studies
Students in this groundbreaking program explore fashion as object, image, text, practice, theory, and concept—and develop a critical understanding of fashion and its complex global intersections with identities, histories, and cultures in the contemporary world.

MFA Fine Arts
Students in the MFA in Fine Arts program acquire a comprehensive understanding of both the material elements that compose artworks and the ideas that make them meaningful.

MA History of Decorative Arts and Design
Offered jointly with the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, this program focuses on the stylistic, historical, and theoretical contexts of European and American decorative arts and design from the Renaissance to the present.

MFA Interior Design
Inaugurated in 2009, this program builds on 100 years of Parsons’ history and leadership in the field of interior design and offers links to other Parsons graduate programs in architecture, product design, and lighting design.  Launching in fall 2012, a three-year double major MFA Interior/Lighting Design.

MFA Lighting Design
The only graduate lighting program to emphasize the values of both design and civic responsibility, Parsons MFA Lighting Design program examines the relationships between theory, technical application, energy conservation, and social and environmental factors in both electric and natural light. Launching in fall 2012, a three-year double major MFA Lighting/Interior Design.

MArch/MFA Lighting Design Dual Degree
Students pursuing the MArch/MFA LD track expand their knowledge of form, program, site, materials, and the role of lighting in structure.

MFA Photography
The graduate Photography program functions as a 21st-century studio and think tank. Students are encouraged to develop their individual vision in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

MA Theories of Urban Practice
Launching in fall 2012. this research-driven graduate program provides an innovative pathway for students interested in acquiring a critical understanding of the design of cities and the transdisciplinary knowledge required to transform them.

MFA Transdisciplinary Design
Working in interdisciplinary teams, students address pressing social issues using new ideas, tools, and methods. They gain insights from industry leaders and emerge with a portfolio of projects showcasing design as a process for transforming the way we live in the 21st century.

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