October 20, 2011

New Fall Online Courses: Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Sotheby’s Institute of Art

Now you can access Sotheby’s Institute of Art’s curriculum Online. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser. Our Online courses are fully interactive and give students access to lectures, texts, images and videos, in a discussion-driven seminar format.


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Online classes at Sotheby’s Institute of Art are six weeks in length with sessions starting on November 7, 2011.  All courses are 1485 USD per course.


Six-week Online Courses starting November 7 include:


The Techniques of the Art Writer
Work directly with an art editor on reviews, catalogue entries, wall text, and other short form content to expand your career in art publishing and improve your writing for broader applications.


Understanding Contemporary Chinese Art: Key Issues and Concepts
Survey the trends and movements that have shaped the past twenty-five years of Chinese art, leading to the recent rapid development and expansion of its market.


Museums: Past, Present and Future
Examine art museums around the globe from a multiplicity of perspectives, exploring the important trends emerging in the field and delving into the unique challenges they face in the 21st century.


Contemporary Art: Exploring the New
Identify and interpret recent Contemporary Art practice including: neo-conceptualism, globalization, the reemergence of painting, “relational” art, new media, the return of aesthetics, influences of the market and “alternative” practices.


Art as an Alternative Investment
Examine the characteristics of fine art, which make it an attractive alternative asset class, by looking at performance statistics, investment strategies and analytic tools.


Understanding Trends in the Art Market
Learn about the economic principles and statistical tools used to analyze and understand underlying movements and trends in the art market.




For more information, please contact: Tel: 212.517.3929, email: [email protected]

About Sotheby’s Institute of Art
For more than forty years Sotheby’s Institute of Art has offered object-based, professionally-oriented education that draws creatively upon the resources of important art centers worldwide. At the Institute’s campuses in London and New York graduate- level programs and courses actively engage students in the dynamic international art world. Sotheby’s Institute of Art offers a variety of graduate programs, diplomas, semester courses, and summer study programs in London and New York. Applications are now accepted for entry in September 2011.


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